Gospel Returns To The Stage

Gospel Returns To The Stage

In a world filled with violence one company stands up for change in restoring spiritual messages through music.

Conscious Music Entertainment is a nonprofit music organization that believe the way to change the world is through music in doing so we set in motion the proper and moral way we as a conscious society sees and learns right from wrong. Basically by role modeling for our youth we demonstrate a positive interaction in the world of entertainment. 

It is very important that those who carry or speak in lead roles in all forms of entertainment consider what they are teaching and filtering that will influence our youth which are societies greatest investment. What they learn today will be what they teach tomorrow.

One of the biggest resources that impacts the learning process and what is accepted in society is through entertainment. This is why CME, keeps lyrics positive and music uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring. At CME, you can expect great artist that teach valuable information through their music such as with Gospel artist Daequan McKinney, whose music empowers and uplifts the spirit and humanities faith in Jesus Christ.

His newest album 'A Letter To The Church' teaches the promises of God in that if you receive Jesus as your Lord & Savior you shall be saved.

Other positive music CME, offers are songs of hope, love faith, grace and inspiration as they feed the hungry, change the racial tension with a song suggesting 'We Can Be Brothers' while other songs speak of the importance of unity.

If you have not experienced the music ministries uplifting while inspiring music they can be found on Reverbnation and most othe music websites.



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