The Coffman Organization Named as Top 10 Talent Management Consulting/Service Companies by Manage HR

DENVER, CO—The Coffman Organization has taken the top spot on Manage HR’s "Top 10 Talent Management Consulting/Service Companies 2020,“ citing that high performance culture promotes individual impact.

The messy little secret is the MicroCulture, says The Coffman Organization, explaining why some groups thrive and others struggle within the same organization, with the same infrastructure, products and services. Today is the era of the individual and nowhere is that more important than in the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals bond to the organization through their connection to the immediate team and manager; trust in the team to follow safety protocols, confidence in co-workers and belief in successful strategy is all influence most heavily by the local team and varies more within organizations than between them. Research makes it clear that our talents are keys to energy and satisfaction and when we get the role right for the person and the team partnership gels, we see amazing growth, satisfaction and accomplishment.

Issues like safety, retention and inclusiveness are indices that help leaders anticipate and guide strategy.  Leadership strategy sets the framework for action at the local level, both of which are essential to creating and maintaining high performance culture.

"We take pride in honoring The Coffman Organization for providing value-based solutions focused on engagement, manager development, selection, and retention”, said Alex Gonsalves, Managing Editor of Manage HR.

In addition to this most recent award, The Coffman Organization was also named Top Ten Engagement Solutions Provider in 2018 and 2019 by HR Tech Outlook Magazine.

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