World’s First Heat-Generating Leggings Making their Way on Indiegogo

Innovative fabric increases temperature at 5 to 18 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping users warm, dry and comfortable in winter—while still being light and thin

Women who are outdoor and fitness enthusiasts who struggle with cold autumn and winter days and the need of wearing uncomfortable thick thermal leggings are being offered an alternative on Indiegogo. WarmOn Leggings, the world’s first heat-generating leggings, is running a campaign at to offer backers up to 40% discount on these leggings in exchange for their support.

While being soft and thin, the innovative fabric from which the leggings are made has heat-generating properties: the fabric temperature rises 3 to 10 degrees Celsius (5 to 18 Fahrenheit) whenever it comes in direct & indirect contact with sunlight. “This provides an almost instant sense of warmth and comfort to the user when she’s jogging, golfing, horseback riding, doing yoga, or simply going out with casual leggings that convert infrared rays into heating energy,” Sera Yum, CEO of WarmOn Apparel and creator of these leggings, said while also observing that the fabric also has heat-retaining characteristics and incorporates a fabric technology that offers unparalleled heat-generating effects like no other product on the market.

Along with its unique heat-generating properties that have never been introduced in the leggings market, WarmOn Leggings are also moisture-wicking, moving the user’s sweat to the fabric’s outer surface, effectively keeping her dry, “given that this is a fabric designed to quickly dry, it also prevents the user from losing her body heat in case she's sweating, absorbing some sweat into the moist-wicking fabric, which also generates a minor amount of heat." These effects, Ms. Yum observed, help to enhance the WarmOn Leggings heat-generating properties. 

Along with being practical and eco-friendly leggings, WarmOn Leggings are made from a high-quality cotton-like soft fabric that is also squat-proof, "which is something that every woman who exercises wants to know, given that they are high-waist leggings with excellent stretch features,” the crowdfunder observed. 

“I also kept different bodies in mind because each woman is different, which is why the single size of the leggings fits women wearing small to x-large, fitting like a second skin to different body shapes, not just different body sizes. Their elastic waistband is very comfortable and flexible, and the fabric is designed to perfectly stretch and recover,” Sera Yum stated.

The WarmOn Leggings campaign on Indiegogo at has thus far raised $1,600 with the support of 29 backers, with 20 days of campaign still ahead. The funds will be used for the large-scale production of the leggings as well as the next innovative product development. Indiegogo backers have early and discounted access to the leggings in exchange for their support to the campaign.

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