Venture X Dallas by the Galleria Reveals How Coworking Helps Freelancers Gain Work-Life Balance

Venture X Dallas by the Galleria Reveals How Coworking Helps Freelancers Gain Work-Life Balance

Dallas-based coworking space, Venture X Dallas by the Galleria, shares how coworking helps freelancers obtain a balance between home life and career life, and how it helps them become more productive.

Dallas, TX - Venture X Dallas by the Galleria, one of the leading coworking spaces in Dallas, shared a recent survey from Reportlink, which shows that 65% of those surveyed believe that freelancers are happier than traditional employees. But, despite this,  they revealed that one of the main struggles freelancers face these days is finding a balance between home life and career life.

Many freelancers find it difficult to have work-life balance when they are working at home, especially when their kids are around, or when house-related issues occur. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved through coworking.

How Coworking Helps Freelancers Gain Work-Life Balance

With coworking, freelancers are equipped with flexibility in balancing between career and family life as they have a separate workplace where they can focus on being productive without the unnecessary nuisance of working from home.

It also goes the same with their home life. They don’t need to think of work when they are at home and can focus more on the needs of their family as they already have a coworking place where they can concentrate on getting their jobs done.

Venture X Dallas by the Galleria said that freelancers are more productive when they are coworking. It is because aside from getting away from the distractions of working from home, they are also fully provided with complete office equipment and amenities, which help them to focus more on doing their work.

Aside from being productive, Harvard Business Review also revealed that coworking brings a sense of community among freelancers, which makes them feel more fulfilled and successful.

Coworking also promotes networking, which ultimately brings more jobs to freelancers.  As a coworking space becomes a community of professionals from all kinds of backgrounds, it is easier for everyone to recommend works or projects to whoever they see fit. It brings in limitless opportunities to freelancers who cannot even dream about it if they are only working at home.

About Venture X Dallas by the Galleria

North Dallas Addison based  flexible office spaces near the Galleria is a coworking space designed to meet the needs of freelancers. Its facilities help freelancers become more productive by providing them not only an excellent working environment but also a place where they can have a sense of community and foster networking at the same time. Their impressive office amenities include an office assistant, copy/print services, meeting rooms, phone booths, and more.

A coworking space is the best alternative to an office space to obtain a work-life balance.  Venture X Dallas by the Galleria offers month to month flexibility to its clients, which is very favorable to freelancers. For those who are interested in getting their own coworking space, they encourage them to schedule a tour of their place here.

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