Blockchain Disrupts the Comic Book Industry Permanently

Now indie creators can become the next big thing in comics! Multiverse enables small comic publishers with software to enhance their collaborations, increase brand recognition and monetize their IP.

We’ve seen in recent months from the COVID-19 pandemic “stay in place” and “work from home” narrative having a serious impact on people who are used to being out in the public and working in commercial buildings. Not to mention the large number of layoffs forcing more and more individuals to find work from home solutions.

A vast number of comic book illustrators and writers work from home. Their bedrooms, home office areas and computer devices act as their production studios. These professional media entertainment producers are also heavily effected by layoffs and supply chain disruptions due to the COVID-19. Their industry conventions are cancelled all over the world due pandemic concerns. While those who keep their doors open see slim numbers as they work to enact social distancing to address concerns of attendees contracting the deadly virus. These creators will need more efficient ways to earn income, reduce production cost, build their brands, collaborate and produce their comic book products using tools designed with their needs in focus.

Multiverse has a dual business model that is both a unique cloud-based platform (the Multiverse Cloud) which hosts our data driven technologies and also acts as the brand identity of the creators throughout the global media entertainment publishing industry.  Ultimately, the goal of Multiverse is to host an exhaustive digital infrastructure geared to becoming the backbone of the global comic book industry. This vision will be materialized through the rollout of  our unique software applications that solve different pain points for individual creators, small to medium sized publishers and a host of other important stakeholders. With one of these applications close to launch, Multiverse is well equipped to provide a new, high-tech foundation for the global comic industry. These software solutions are mobile, lack overhead and easy to use.

HeroLedger is the first of its kind blockchain based digital marketplace for Digital Comic Assets. "This moment defines the next generation of all things related to the comic book." Says, CEO and Co-Founder Dion M. Wilson. This unique software application allows comic creators to determine and manage the own licensing contracts, get real time data analytics on their financial transactions and develop their professional status thanks to our distributed ledger reputation mechanism. "This blockchain application will end the way we understand comic books." Says, CTO and Co-Founder Sam Benton.

Rast·r Technologies is thrilled to announce the debut and public demonstration of our new software application, HeroLedger! The event will take place online during the Comic Crusaders Virtual Con II on Saturday, October 24th at 430pm EST. We will present during the event's Entrepreneur’s Power Hour. All proceeds raised from the event will be donated to: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

RSVP for this event at: [email protected]

About Rast·r Technologies, LLC: MULTIVERSE! is a US company founded in 2015. Rast·r comprises an international team of business, data science, software and legal professionals developing cutting edge innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger, Data Technology and SaaS solutions.

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