Michael Gutenplan

Master magician & mentalist Michael Gutenplan presents a family-friendly virtual magic & mentalism show. A rare public show by one of the top-rated performers.

Master magician, mentalist and 3rd generation psychic Michael Gutenplan will present a special family-friendly, virtual magic and mentalism show, live via ZOOM, on Wednesday, November 25, at 8:00 PM ET/ 5:00 PM PT.  The show, which includes incredible magic and mind reading, is designed to bring families and friends together for a fun and amazing experience on a night we’d normally be together – but can’t due to COVID.  Usually only seen by Hollywood’s hit makers, members of private clubs and corporations, and the rest of the 1%, this is a rare public show by one of the nation’s top-rated magical performers.  

Michael has performed at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, Off-Broadway in his critically-acclaimed one-man show “Extraordinary Deceptions,” in “The Spy Magic Show” in Washington, DC., and at clubs and events across the nation with “The Members Only Show.” 

The New York Times raved:  "Captivating… Michael is a youthful, old-fashioned magician, working with cards, money and minds (he reads them), He also requests a helper for almost every trick, a practice that delights most magic fans under 18, if not their more-shy elders.”

The Los Angeles Times raved: “Gutenplan’s expertise with cards is evident. However, most impressive are his mind reading abilities.”

How does it work? Log-in at and enjoy the show.  Michael selects “volunteers” from those with their camera turned on.  

The show is free. Contributions in lieu of tickets are appreciated.


Michael Gutenplan is an award-winning magician, mentalist, and third generation psychic who specializes in creating unforgettable experiences using a mixture of psychic entertainment, magic, and comedy. Known as the go-to magician and mentalist for the who’s who of Hollywood, members of private clubs, and the nation’s top CEOs’, he’s performed in 24 countries and 49 states. He has been featured on dozens of TV programs and reviewed by countless newspapers including The New York Times, Variety, and the L.A. Times. He was awarded the 2019 & 2020 ‘Los Angeles Award’ for Best Psychic Entertainer and has been named Best Corporate Entertainer in the ‘Corgentum Survey’ for 2017 – 2020. He has been the magic and psychic advisor to various TV, theme park, and theatrical productions. Michael was the creator and star of the hit Off-Broadway show "Extraordinary Deceptions" as well as "The Spy Magic Show." A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Michael has created and produced television programming for TLC, Discovery Channel, History, Travel Channel, and various other networks. He is currently performing in “The Members Only Show®,” an incredible evening of magic and psychic entertainment presented to members of exclusive private clubs, corporations, associations and organizations around the world.



Michael is a third-generation psychic and has astonished his audiences with numerous correct predictions including the winners of the last eight Super Bowls, the top three places in the past twelve Kentucky Derbies (yes… he even got the surprise 2019 win by Country House correct), and his amazing prediction of 15 spins of the roulette wheel at the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas… which is why he is banned for life.

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