Free PUBG UC & BP: Pubg Mobile UC And Royal Pass Generator 2020

free pubg uc

UC (Unknown Cash) is the in-game currency and it can be used by players to purchase an exclusive set of weapons and skin outfits. Get unlimited free PUBG Uc And BP.

It doesn’t matter whether you just started playing PUBG Mobile or have already attained veteran status; you’ll need all the UC you can get if you’re looking to play the game for longer and improve your overall experience.

UC (Unknown Cash) is the in-game currency and it can be used by players to purchase an exclusive set of weapons and skin outfits.

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UC is also quite expensive, and players are usually required to spend a ton of cash to acquire sufficient amounts of this in-game currency.

Fortunately, there are options for regular players like us who don't want to spend money.

That’s right; you too can score some free PUBG UC this festive season & beyond.

So buckle up while we run you through this PUBG Mobile 101 tutorial. Who knows, even the veterans might discover something new here.

About Free PUBG UC & BP

Normally, players get rewarded with UC while playing the game. However, you’ll have to do interesting stuff like complete rare missions or participate in various special events where your success is not always guaranteed.

But if you can put together a formidable team and win enough tournaments and bonus challenges you will then be rewarded with tons of UC along with the free PUBG royal pass.

Getting free PUBG UC is also possible by using other indirect methods that will mostly involve you completing surveys online, participating in giveaways, or using a free PUBG UC generator.

But before we start describing these methods in-depth, here are some basic things you should know about PUBG mobile gameplay.

Use Your Headphones!

Headphones are a very important piece of PUBG hardware. You really don’t need a sophisticated gaming headset, just any simple headphone & mic will do.

This way, players get to experience better spatial awareness since they can hear gunshots, vehicle noises, as well as what other players around them are saying. Headsets also help with improving communication with your team members.

The Microphone Is Your Closest Ally

Switch your chat options to ‘Team’ and then you can co-ordinate better with your teammates while playing Squad or Duos.

This way, you can call out enemy locations to your teammates and plan your routes as well.

You’ll find the toggle switch on the left side of the mini-map in between ‘Team’ and ‘All’.

Always Watch the Mini-Map

Look out for what's happening on your virtual mini-map. It's there to show you where certain sounds like footsteps, gunshots, or vehicles are coming from.

This way, you and your teammates can plan your next move.

Note also that you won’t see noises coming from your team members on the mini-map, so there’s no such thing as false alarms.

Know Thy Weapon

With each weapon, there are pros and cons. For example, the Submachine guns – the Tommy Gun, Uzi, UMP, and Vector - are perfect for shooting within short-to-medium ranges.

Assault rifles on the other hand, like the M16 and AKM, are quite versatile when it comes to engaging targets across various ranges.

Now that you know how to handle yourself on PUBG, let’s proceed with our promise of describing proven ways you can use to score some free PUBG UC.

Using Your Android Device to Get Free PUBG UC

Not very many PUBG Mobile players are aware that they can transform their Android smartphones into free PUBG royal pass and free PUBG UC daily generators.

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most reliable apps that come to mind during discussions about legitimate ways of getting popular in-game currencies free of charge.

All you have to do after installing this reward app is to answer the simple online surveys that have been assigned to your profile after which you will be rewarded with Google Play Credits.

You get to use your credit earnings to purchase UC without spending actual cash. And although the credit rewards you earn per survey are quite small, you can accumulate them over time. Your Google Play Credit earnings can also be used to redeem free PUBG royal pass rewards.

Earn Free PUBG UC by Participating In Giveaways

We’re currently living in an era where almost anything is possible on the internet. Giveaways have now become quite popular when it comes to earning PUBG rewards.

It’s normal to find YouTubers, experienced PUBG players, or other third party organizations hosting giveaway offers.

The trick here is knowing how to recognize genuine giveaways and which ones to avoid.


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