YKOFX Introduces Implied Pricing to Increase Participation in the Markets

YKOFX approaches implied pricing as one of the key channels for the execution of larger orders

YKOFX, a Pan Asian exchange with innovative and robust product suite that provides its clients with some of the best trading facilities, today announced the introduction of implied pricing on the trading platform as a component of the organizational directions with the purpose of creating more business alternatives and enlarging market usage.

A great number of YKOFX’s products and services users manifested interest to benefit from monthly prompt dates. At present, these users are taking advantage of monthly liquidity through electronic platforms and the exchange views the process as a major ability to operate with larger monthly requests. It is considered that more new market users would be interested to start trading by executing smaller monthly trades through direct access to the electronic platform.

Implied pricing relates to combining the liquid monthly complete order book with the calendar spread order book to reveal the most competitive monthly complete orders in both periods before and after the ongoing month date, which creates more execution potential on the monthly outright dates. YKOFX plans to make implied prices available for several products of the metals and energy sectors. The introduction of implied prices is expected to show greater offerings for the implied routes. The exchange will keep working on regular updates of the implied pricing performance in order to certify its well-functioning for the benefit of the trading participants.

“Implied pricing represents an alternative way for benefiting from existing monthly liquidity. We admit that this auxiliary option will be of interest for the underlying financial investors that have not yet made use of our services but are looking for alternative ways to access the trading platform. This is meant to build liquidity by offering multiple choices to market users”, said Satsuo Tamura, Group Head of Information Services.

About Yokohama Options and Futures Exchange (YKOFX)

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