Fixd Sensor Reviews – Best ODB II Car Sensor? – Product Review by Rick Finn

Fixd is a sensor that promises to send diagnostics from your vehicle's OBD II port to your mobile device. The tool can work with any app to give you a simple explanation of why something doesn't work.

Whether you are a regular car user or new to driving, you will always panic when the car engine light suddenly goes on. It is likely that you cannot immediately point out the reason for the occurrence, either. Luckily, with Fixd, you can rest assured as you will get a snippet of news on the issue and how much you are likely to spend on your car maintenance. That is anytime you want, too, without having to spend any money on diagnostics or mechanics!

The Fixd sensor will save you the trouble of running to the car repair shop for maintenance every time your engine alert light pops up showing that you require maintenance work.

Here is a comprehensive Fixd review aimed to help you decide whether you need the device in your vehicle, how reliable it is, and whether it is worth the money spent.

What Is The Fixd Sensor

Fixd is a popular sensor that promises to send diagnostics from your vehicle's OBD II port to your mobile device. The tool can work with any app to give you a simple explanation of why the check engine lights aren’t working properly and how much money you might have to spend to get the repairs.

If the check engine light is showing, the Fixd sensor gives you a chance to know what could be wrong with it before taking it for maintenance. That way, you will know which mechanic to take your vehicle to, and how much they likely to charge you for the repair. The car monitoring system is a combination of hardware and software established in 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. Fixd Automotive distributes it, and the package includes the Fixd sensor and Fixd app.

Plug the Fixd premium sensor into the car's OBD II port from where it relays problems from the port to the Fixd mobile app connect via Bluetooth. The information you will expect to receive from the Fixd includes the severity of the problem and what may happen if you continue driving the car without resolving the problems for several cars. Fixd app gives you a chance to buy and do maintenance service and know the repairs you might require in time for your cars, and you will also put aside the best budget to save you throughout this process.

The hardware part of this sensor device uses power from the vehicle, so once you plug it into the car, you will not have to worry about recharging it. Fixd is compatible with Android and iOS; once you plug in the sensor to the OBD II, download and install the app available in any app store and proceed to pair it with the sensor, and start monitoring the health of your car for free. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Installing Fixd - OBD II Port

Installing Fixd is straightforward, does not require any tools, and does not take much time. First, find the OBD II port, plug in the sensor, download the Fixd app, and then pair it to the sensor. Do not forget to write down your sensor's number before plugging it in to quickly pair it with your mobile app. You will also need to have the VIN of your car to pair the software and hardware correctly.

At first, you may find some connectivity issues; however, after that, the diagnostics or sending the required notifications on time, the system will work perfectly. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

How Does Fixd Work?

In several user reviews, The Fixd sensor presents car owners with a great and affordable way to digitize their car and read out Engine Light errors without any added cost. How Fixd works simple and straightforward. First, you need to plug in the OBD II port of the car and then pair it with the Fixd mobile app, which is works with Android and iOS phones. You can find the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, depending on the type of phone you have.

Fixd is powered by the car, simply connect it to OBD II and use Bluetooth to connect and monitor the mobile phone app. Through this app, you can read real-time error news that will inform you exactly where the problem is and how much you are likely to spend during maintenance.

The Fixd tool is designed to identify thousands of potential is gas-powered vehicles (including hybrids) sold in New York, United States and in select allowed GEOs during or after the year 1996.

How Fixd sensor works is by translating confusing codes in cars, into easy plain English. If it is something simple, you may resolve the issues without necessarily visiting the repair shop. Fixd is efficient, saves you a lot of time and frustration of leaving your car with a mechanic you cannot trust to give you a truthful answer on the issues bedeviling your car.

Fixd app is used to clear indicator lights for the issues that have been resolved and as a reminder about the upcoming maintenance reminders. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Fixd Design and Key Features

The Fixd sensor is 1.8 *0.8* 1.6 inches and weighs 0.96 ounces, and is designed to fit the On-Board-Diagnostics port of your car easily; from there, it will gain access to the self-diagnostic computerized system. The app is user-friendly, and it communicates with the sensor on the vehicle to retrieve the data needed to read the codes. It also helps you save your vehicle's information and the results of the server's scans for future use.

At the center of the app is a Tap to Scan button, where you will tap to begin your scan; if no issue is detected, a green icon will pop up; for a moderate issue, a yellow icon will pop up, and a red icon for a severe problem and you need agent maintenance. You will find a Timeline, Logbook button, and Wear Items on the bottom of the screen.

If you want to get more news about your car or cars' problems, click on the detail icon and get the diagnosis and possible consequences if you don't see a mechanic early enough.

Fixd tool also built to offer voltage testing; through the inputted information, the app will remind you when replacing time comes. Not only that, you can search for compatible components online and make buy right from inside the app.

In the Logbook, you can keep all the recent scans performed and all the codes that have been sorted out. Add sensors, find the nearby repair shop, and tap the three-bar icon on the main menu's top right to edit information on the app. If you tap the icon located in the upper left corner, you will see active sensors and vehicles that have been paired with your account.

Fixd has a built-in Freeze Frame function that takes and stores a snapshot of your vehicle as soon as the error code is stored. The Live Data option works with multiple PID displays like graphs, gauges, or charts, depending on your test. Also, on the screen are 0 to 60 mode, fighter jet modes, and a trip. The live data information is sourced from various parts, including fuel pressure, RPM, and mass airflow. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Features of Fixd

A simple thing like a loose wire on your motor vehicle can put on your check engine light, and you will be kept worried thinking something major. However, there is no guarantee that the check engine light results from something easy, so a free scanning tool to is like Fixd is essential. Fixd has a sensor you can plug into the OBD II and set it up within seconds and an app compatible with android and iOS phones.

One benefit of the Fixd sensor is that it does not require any charging or new batteries; instead, it draws its power from the car engine. Once you have Fixd connect with the Fixd app on your phone via Bluetooth, you will get full access to real-time happenings taking place in your car engine. Here are features you need to know before you buy this device for your car.

  • Check Engine Light Issues

Fixd developers claim, and in several reviews, that you can identify up to 10 000 check engine light issues in cars. Some are simple while others require help from your mechanic. Some of these problems include oxygen sensor malfunctions, low oil levels, if you need to tighten your gas cap, if oil temperatures are at a critical level, and many more. After maintenance and every issue fixed, the dash light will automatically disappear.

  • Cost Estimates

Even though not all mechanics will charge the same, Fixd will give an approximate cost of repair. When your check engine light has a problem, Fixd will identify the possible issues with your car, and it will also provide you will the estimates of how much you are likely to pay to keep your car fixed based on your location or zip code. That way, you will take your car to the mechanic, knowing how much you may be required to pay. What more could you want from a great, yet simple device that does not overeat into your budget and is easy to use?

  • Multiple Cars for One Account

While most free diagnostic tools and apps work for one car, Fixd allows you to use one account to monitor other scanners. For instance, if you drive different vehicles with your spouse, you can install scanning tools to the OBD II of each car but use a single app to run scans. Additionally, you can use the single app for maintenance reminders for each of your vehicle/cars.

  • Quick Scan

Compared to other motor vehicle scanning tools, Fixd operates much faster and efficiently than those others. You will only need a few minutes to do a full scan and get the app's required results. Fixd also gives you a chance to scan while seated inside your car or on your driveway. If you do not have this tool installed on your vehicle, it will take up to one hour for even great mechanics to manually perform a free diagnostic scan, if you find anywhere that even does it for free!

  • Affordable

Although most car repair shops give free scans, the idea behind it is that you will purchase the required spare parts from the same shop as a sign of goodwill. However, such deals often come with long waits, and you will waste a lot of time and money. Fixd gives you an option to perform the scan at a low price in the comfort of your home before going for your routine maintenance. The diagnostic combo will cost you $60, and the bundle with two scanners goes for just $100.

  • Issues Found

In several reviews, one of the most interesting things about Fixd is that it clearly shows all the problems in simple terms. Upon completing the service, a new window showing all the problems and the extent of their seriousness will pop up. The app uses green, yellow, and red to differentiate the minor and major issues. After completing your repairs, it is good to do another scan service to know that everything works well before your mechanic leaves your car.

  • Continuous Monitoring

Another important feature about Fixd is that it is 'one time' as it offers continuous monitoring of your car engine. If the check engine light often keeps turning on and off; this occurrence is probably because of a loose engine wire. Fixd will never stop its work monitoring your car, and if it detects any problem, it will immediately send you a notification so you can schedule maintenance.

  • Vehicle History

You will remember that the old generation cars used to keep a detailed history of how many miles they have covered or other information on a small detailed notebook stored in the glove box in your car. With Fixd, you can monitor your vehicles' maintenance and health from your phone for easy access. Anytime you will run your car through a scan with the Fixd, a detailed report that shows any kind of problem found will pop up, and you can access each of the previous reports for free.

  • Secure Data

Anytime you mention wireless devices, the first thing that comes to many is the security of their content. Although Fixd uses Bluetooth, you never have to worry about data breaches since the manufacturer has ensured that your information is safe. That way, no one else can access your scans.

  • Easy to Use

While there are numerous diagnostic tools out there, the manufacturers make complex algorithms that render them too complicated to use. From a place where you have to figure out where to plug in the Fixd work by reading complicated codes, most of these tools are not easy to use. Fixd is built to offset any chance of guesswork and being wrong. Once the free diagnostic is complete, the result will show in clear and precise English. Furthermore, you can get all the work done without having to visit the database.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

When you purchase the Fixd premium sensor device from the official website, you have 30 days to try it, and if you are not entirely satisfied, you have a chance to return it within the specified period and get a full refund. That way, you will have enough time to evaluate if the device works best for your needs. However, you will be required to return the tool in its original condition with your purchase receipt.

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Fixd expected Package

Once you make your Fixd premium product's order, you will not have to wait too long before receiving your products. It comes with an outer box that ensures that Fixd sensor is safe throughout the transit. To remove Fixd from the box, tear the top of the box and pull it out; inside the box, you will also see instructions that tell you how to download the app that works with the tool. You will need the internet to get the app to your mobile phone; after that, Fixd will connect through Bluetooth.

If you are impressed by the reviews of this product and would like to get one to monitor your car, the procedure is simple. You can order the products from the manufacturer's official website. If you are buying one Fixd premium device, you will expect to pay $59, two Fixd sensors available for $88, and $118 for three units, triple health monitoring!

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When it comes to securing the health of a vehicle, Fixd product is the best option to save your money and avoid wrong decisions. You will not have to necessarily rush to the mechanic every time the check engine light pops up, and perhaps you only need to replace a few plugs or gas caps. Using this tool is easy and does not require any expertise. As long as you have secured a connection, you can perform the service with ease using the Fixd for all gas-powered vehicles manufactured during or after 1996.

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