Rise in Demand for Commercial and Architectural Lighting Expected to Drive Global LED Lenses Market: Ken Research

Global LED Lenses Market

LED lens is referred as an optical system, related to LED (Light Emitting Diode) that increases the use-efficiency & luminous-efficiency of the light. LED lens is basically used to manufacture the LED lights. This kind of lens is used to focus the light, which is produced by LED diode. LED lens is generally made from different types of materials for instance glass, polycarbonate (pc), PMMA (acrylics) and others. Common lens materials basically include silicone and plastic. Consequently some LED lenses are rigid and some are more flexible. Transparency & high-radiant light of LED depend on the type of lens used to manufacture the LED.

LED lenses come in different shapes & sizes: square, round and hexagonal. All shapes & sizes of LED lenses are designed for use with single & multiple LEDs. This includes various LED modules & strips. Various properties of LED lenses enable the specific control over the beams of light. LED lenses also provide a nice-aesthetic appearance by masking LED components within. Theses lenses are used in a wide variety of applications from the traffic lighting to indoor lighting.

As per analysis, ā€œGlobal LED Lenses Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Useā€ the key companies operating in the global LED lenses market include Carclo Optics, Murata, Multicomp, Broadcom Limited, Keystone, Chicago Miniature Lighting, Imatronic, Ledil, Fraen, Lamina, Dialight, L2 Optics, Vcc (Visual Communications Company), Laser Components, Mentor, Ledengin, Optek Technology and among others. To improve their market position in the global LED lenses market, renowned players are now focusing on adopting numerous strategies such as recent developments, product innovation, joint venture, mergers & acquisitions, collaborations, and partnership.

Based on type, LED lenses market is segmented as PMMA ((polymethyl methacrylate) lens, silicon lens, glass lens, PC (Polycarbonate) lens and others. PMMA lens segment dominates the global market owing to its advantages such as high transmittance and high production efficiency. In addition, based on application, market is segmented as telescope, camera and others.

The LED lenses market is driven by rise in demand for LED lens, followed by increase in use of LED lights due to high brightness & lower power consumption. Apart from this, a high cost of manufacturing LED lens is a major hindering factor for market. Additionally, growth in demand from emerging countries and increase in government initiatives for use of LED lights of various countries are leading opportunities for market. Moreover, growth in development of recyclable or eco-friendly LED lens is a key trend for market.

Based on regional analysis, the North-America is the leading region in global LED lenses market owing to rise in demand for commercial and architectural lighting across the region. The Asia-Pacific and Europe regions are anticipated to exhibit considerable growth rate due to surge in demand for street lighting and automotive lighting over the forecast period. It is predicted that future of the global LED lenses market will be bright on account of rise in demand for indoor lighting during the forecast period.

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Global LED Lenses Market

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