4th Quarter Social Media Trends - Dallas Weekly

We are heading into the fourth quarter of 2021 – Is your business ready to close the year strong on social media? I have gathered 7 trends you should definitely not overlook and consider implementing into your content strategy so you can stay ahead of the pack and build a brand that is in demand.

Let’s get into it!


Are you running ads on social media and notice they are not performing as well as expected? You may need to revisit the design of your graphics and video content. Less is more! Lean toward the minimalist approach with bright colors to catch your follower’s eye and stop scrolling. Make sure whatever you are selling is front and center so folks don’t have to think too hard about what is going on in your ad. Don’t sleep on the power of video content (with and without sound), as the algorithms will give you better reach here. The most important thing is to keep things branded, consistent and vibe with your tribe!


According to HubSpot, Twitter is looking at bringing back their e-commerce feature. The Shop Module, as they are calling it, dropped in July and it resembles the carousel format you’re used to seeing on Facebook. The feature is still in testing, so get your wheels turning now and strategize ways you can convert followers to customers when it becomes available to the masses. The platform is looking to reach 315 million active users by the end of 2023, which means there is plenty of room for you to make...

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