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Running the Bases today with Terry Samuels, Co-Founder of Salterra Web Design. This “Sailor of the Year” has had quite a journey to his current endeavor of running a successful web design and SEO agency.   US Navy, Real Estate Investor and Home Flipper to thought leader in the digital marketing world - Terry has a marvelous story to tell.

Salterra Web Design was established 12 years ago after Terry and his wife Elisabeth found themselves caught in the housing and credit bust of 2008/09. As in many of his experiences - he applied a strong skill set of operational effectiveness and efficiencies to build a successful and expanding web design firm.

Standards of Operations (SOP) has become his mantra.  Having a plan on paper and revisiting it often is just one of the secrets to his success.  We explore them all!

Join the entertaining conversation as we explore leadership, SOP’s and old-school marketing principles.

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