Chantell Brandt, Executive Coach of Fierce, Talks with Edward J. Beltran, of Pulse Experience Podcast

Chantell Brandt and Edward J. Beltran

Chantell Brandt and Edward J. Beltran on The Power of Innovative Coaching Using Biometrics - Mission Matters Podcast Agency

Beverly Hills, CA, July 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mission Matters Podcast Agency Distributes the Pulse Experience Podcast.

Seattle, Wash.-based expert coach Chantell Brandt, the Executive Coach of Pulse by Fierce, with Seattle, Wash.-based leading podcaster and Pulse by Fierce CEO Edward J. Beltran discuss the Pulse app's potential to lower stress levels and increase productivity by helping coachees achieve intimacy, clear communication, and healthy boundaries.

In this episode, Brandt tells listeners how she became a coach and shares her innovative philosophy. "Coaching found me," Brandt says.

Brandt's coaching method relies on carefully chosen questions and biometric data from the Pulse app to "help leaders think with intention", she says. Beltran and Brandt agree that self-awareness (or the lack thereof) is one of the greatest challenges coaches face. The use of biometric data makes it more difficult for coachees to ignore true sources of stress. "Pulse brings the unknown into the light," Brandt says.

Pulse plays a "crucial role" in her coaching, Brandt says. The app helps users reconnect to their bodily responses, which Brandt calls "the ultimate pulse," by simply recording and displaying easy-to-read data. Brandt urges fellow coaches to embrace innovative approaches in a changing technological landscape. "Biometrics are an asset to any coaching methodology," she says.

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In this podcast, the host covers:

  • How does the Pulse app's use of biometrics help users reconnect with their body's responses?
  • Why is self-awareness (or the lack thereof) such a challenge for coaches?
  • How has Pulse transformed Brandt's coaching methodology?
  • Why did Brandt become a coach, and what does she value most about her work?

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Chantell Brandt and Edward J. Beltran
Chantell Brandt and Edward J. Beltran


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