Candice Knight on Merging Quantum Medicine with Functional Medicine on The Quantum Biology Collective Podcast

Candice Knight, MD, MPH, was interviewed by Meredith Oke, on Merging Quantum Medicine with Functional Medicine

Join Candice Knight, a functional medicine physician, and host Meredith Oke in this inspiring episode as they discuss the profound gift of empowering people to take control of their health and realize their full potential through lifestyle habits and quantum medicine. Candice shares her experiences in using lifestyle interventions, circadian time dating, and healthy light habits to help patients reverse their biological age and improve overall well-being. The conversation emphasizes the importance of a supportive community and tribe to encourage positive health changes. Through the lens of quantum biology, they explore the body's innate healing abilities and the impact of lifestyle choices on health.

The episode highlights the significant role of lifestyle habits in achieving optimal health. Candice emphasizes the ripple effect of positive steps, fostering resilience and youthfulness throughout the body. Simple habits like morning sunlight exposure and a structured bedtime routine lead to remarkable improvements in well-being. Beyond functional medicine, the podcast delves into quantum biology's potential to unlock the body's healing capabilities. The guests stress the need for a supportive community to facilitate positive health changes and foster hope in taking charge of one's health and reversing the aging process.

Candice shares her remarkable experiences with patients, demonstrating the power of merging quantum medicine with functional medicine. By empowering patients to make informed decisions and embrace lifestyle changes, remarkable transformations in health are observed. The podcast discusses research on specific lifestyle interventions, such as reducing inflammation, promoting good sleep, and managing stress, leading to the reversal of biological age. Candice and Meredith are passionate about spreading this knowledge and empowering individuals to regain control of their health, promoting longevity. The podcast serves as a testament to the potential of quantum biology and lifestyle medicine in creating a healthier and more resilient society.


  • "I remember standing in the hospital telling my mom, ‘I'm going do this with my life. I'm going to become a doctor and I'm gonna help other people keep their people that they love around for a long time’. And so that's what I set out to do." (Candice | 02:29)

  • "Our job is to get the hell out of the way and let this thing run the way it's supposed to run. And the problem is that so much of what's present in the modern world interferes with that. And so what we see as quote unquote aging is really a malfunction in the system that is supposed to repair and keep us young." (Candice | 27:45)

  • “My job is to teach patients how to listen to their body and get their body to heal them themselves by creating that trust that we have lost.” (Candice | 30:30)

  • "Empowering aspects of [medicine], it wasn't necessarily even about having all the answers. I felt the responsibility of having all the answers, but I always imagined what a doctor was because I saw what happened with my grandfather... It's like, I have to have a tribe. I need other people that think like me." - (Candice | 1:15:10)

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