Fatigue Is The Red Flag of Mitochondrial Dysfunction with Carrie Bennett, MS on Quantum Biology Collective Podcast

Carrie Bennett, MS was interviewed by Meredith Oke, on Signs and Symptoms of Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Just because something has become commonplace doesn't automatically make it normal, beneficial, or without solutions, asserts Carrie Bennett in a candid conversation with host Meredith Oke. Together, they embark on an illuminating journey into the intricate realm of circadian rhythms, chronic fatigue, and the secrets to reclaiming vitality and equilibrium in our lives.

Chronic fatigue, a pervasive issue affecting countless individuals, often triggers an array of health hurdles. However, delving into the depths of circadian rhythms and the influence of light exposure offers a potent strategy for combating fatigue and achieving holistic wellness. Carrie recounts her personal odyssey battling chronic fatigue and the wisdom she gleaned from her trials. Emphasizing the significance of morning light exposure, Carrie sheds light on its capacity to recalibrate our internal clocks, ushering in heightened energy levels and enhanced sleep cycles. The discourse extends to the repercussions of artificial blue light on our circadian rhythms and the profound transformations that small adjustments in light exposure can orchestrate for our overall well-being.

Explore the potency of morning light, grasp the implications of blue light infiltration, and uncover the rewards of embracing the adrenal fatigue fix program. Embark on your inaugural stride towards revitalized health and well-being today.


  • "So cortisol is part of the steroid hormone pathway, as is progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, all of those steroid hormones are kind of, are interconnected and they all start off as pregnenolone." (22:55 | Carrie Bennett)

  • "And so that's what's fascinating because I do like my coffee, too, right? It's the idea that I thought I needed the coffee to wake myself. But you don't realize how charging or stimulating just light at sunrises for the brain. I don't need coffee. I like the taste of it. I like just a warm cup. There's so many other things that I enjoy about it but it's not needed for the energy boost. It's just because it brings me joy." (27:28 | Carrie Bennett)

  • "The most underrated thing you can do is go for a walk within the first two hours of sunrise. 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 45, however long you want to and have time for. It is beyond underrated in terms of a strategy for both circadian health and just overall metabolic health." (49:10 | Carrie Bennett)

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