Why Tough Workouts Aren’t Always The Answer And What HRV Really Means on Quantum Biology Collective Podcast

Jim Laird, Coach, was interviewed by Meredith Oke, on Why Tough Workouts Aren’t Always The Answer And What HRV Really Means with Meredith Oke on Quantum Biology Collective Podcast

“I'm not against hard work,” says coach Jim Laird on today’s episode of The Quantum Body Collective Podcast, “But are you prepared for it and can you recover from it?” The body, he explains, only has so much energy, much of which is reserved to fuel vital bodily functions. So, many people go hard in their workouts thinking they’re doing the right thing, while depleting themselves of energy required for the crucial recovery period. One major factor is our sedentary, but highly stressed lifestyle. We don’t spend our days building up our reserves with smaller daily activities like walking and sleeping according to our circadian rhythms, so we can’t recover as quickly. That same lifestyle saps us of energy, trapping us in a vicious cycle, resulting in symptoms like fatigue, mental and physical burnout, and digestive problems. 

One way to gauge how much reserve you have is HRV (heart rate variability) which gauges how balanced your body is between active and rest modes. Using tools like the Oura ring, you can also see how much your daily habits, such as drinking alcohol and missing even just a few hours’ sleep, are affecting that HRV. Jim clears up what HRV is not, and what number you should be shooting for based on age and other factors. 

Through small daily changes both mental and physical, you can build adaptability and endurance. These include even the smallest attempts to move more and get back in touch with nature. 


  • “What happens outside of the gym has a bigger impact on what happens inside the gym than what actually happens inside the gym.” (3:48 | Jim)

  • “If you constantly have to push yourself further than you're able, on a consistent basis, if you don't have the resources to recover from that exertion, eventually, you're going to get yourself in trouble. That's where people end up. They can't get out of bed. The coffee quits working.” (7:54 | Jim) 

  • “We're operating on this idea that we should have infinite energy, while also engaged in habits that are actively making our bodies unable to produce the energy in the first place.” (19:19 | Meredith)

  • “Reduce that energy and add more stress? Your body is not going to take energy away from your brain or your heart. It's going to take energy away from your digestion, sex drive, all the fun stuff…and eventually the fun things won't work anymore.” (19:31 | Jim)

  • “Your body's in a constant state of adapting. The better you treat it, the better chance it has of adapting in a positive way.” (51:18 | Jim)

About Jim Laird:

With over 25 years experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jim Laird has worked with housewives seeking to improve their overall well-being to professional athletes in the NFL, CFL, LPGA, and MLB. Notably, he has been instrumental in guiding numerous young athletes towards securing athletic scholarships at Division I schools and supported hundreds of non-athlete women to fall in love with strength training.

Jim's own experience as an elite-level Powerlifter has provided him with a deep understanding of the distinction between training for health and training for high-performance goals. Drawing upon this knowledge, he is committed to helping others grasp this difference as well.

His comprehensive understanding of the importance of living a more outdoor-focused life adds a unique dimension to his coaching approach, emphasizing the benefits of nature and outdoor activities for overall well-being. Jim is currently a partner of acclaimed integrative physician Dr. Leland Stillman at Stillman Wellness.

To learn more about Jim Laird visit:

Website: https://www.stillmanwellness.com/
IG: @gymlaird

About the Podcast Host:

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