New NFPA 660 Standard: Camfil APC Examines A Milestone in Combustible Dust Safety

Camfil APC's latest blog post delves into the details of the proposed NFPA 660 Standard for Combustible Dusts.

Jonesboro, Arkansas, Nov. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has announced the development of the NFPA 660 Standard for Combustible Dusts, a groundbreaking initiative set to streamline and centralize combustible dust regulations. This new standard represents a significant advancement in safety protocols for facilities handling combustible dusts. Camfil APC's latest blog post delves into the details of this important development.

NFPA 660 will integrate six existing NFPA standards into one comprehensive guideline, offering both fundamental and industry-specific standards to manage combustible dust-related hazards effectively. This consolidation aims to simplify compliance, reduce confusion and provide a singular reference point for all relevant standards​​.

Incorporating standards NFPA 61, 484, 652, 654, 655 and 664, NFPA 660 will cover a wide range of industries and scenarios, from agricultural and feed processing facilities to combustible metals and woodworking facilities​​. While some existing standards will become obsolete, the new standard will retain their relevant content, ensuring a seamless transition and continued relevance​​.

The new NFPA 660 aims to revise and amalgamate existing standards, reconcile discrepancies, and provide clarity on enforcement matters. It will address the fundamentals of combustible dust, including hazard identification and definitions, thus enhancing protection against combustible dust hazards​​.

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