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Explore answers from AdsLiaison about Google Ads' Automatically-Created Assets (ACA) to understand its features and functionalities.

  • Automatically-Created Assets (ACA) for Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) rolled out in 8 languages.
  • ACA generates headlines and descriptions using content from the advertiser's landing pages, existing ads, and keywords.
  • Advertisers can view, review, and remove ACAs in the “Asset source” column in ad- and campaign-level asset reporting.

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In a post on X, Google AdsLiaisons answered the top questions about automatically created assets (ACA).

Now that automatically-created assets (ACA) for responsive search ads have rolled out in 8 languages, I wanted to answer some FAQs we’ve heard….

— AdsLiaison (@adsliaison) November 20, 2023

Google recently rolled out ACA for Responsive Search Ads (RSA) in 8 different languages, marking a significant step forward in digital advertising technology.

This feature aims to streamline the ad creation process, save valuable time for marketers, and enhance the relevance and performance of ads.

What Are Automatically-Created Assets (ACA)?

Automatically-created assets are a feature that enables the automatic generation...

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