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What if you could be in a room with 21 top SEO experts?

What might you ask? What could you learn?

SEO Trends 2024 is the next best thing.

We talked to the most insightful experts we know and asked for their best advice in navigating the year ahead.

With the search landscape rapidly evolving – sometimes it feels like you blink, and everything’s changed. And, this past year has seen particularly impactful transformations in SEO, from “helpful content” updates to Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE).

How can you adapt to these changes quickly enough to maintain a competitive edge?

How do you optimize your SEO strategy to prepare for the year ahead?

So, we asked 21 top SEO experts and gathered our findings in this insightful compilation, full of industry-leading thought, and actionable tips from respected SEO experts.

Let’s dive into some of the topics covered inside.

This Book Is “About” AI – But It’s Really About People

In SEO Trends 2024, we dive deep into the realm of AI, but ultimately, AI is not the star of the show – you are.

The human touch is still crucial when adopting AI into your strategy, and this ebook highlights the importance of working alongside it rather than relying on it as a human replacement.

Inside, our expert contributors guide you on navigating your relationship with AI as a powerful tool, an environment to work in, and occasionally, an adversary.

“Helpful” Is A Bigger Word Than You Think

In 2024, Google will change the game with a redefined...

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