Ouinex Secures Over $4 Million in Funding Through ICO Seed and Private Rounds

Ouinex’s fundraising campaign demonstrates strong support from user community for its trailblazing platform

Paris, France, Feb. 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --
Ouinex, a secure and regulated high-speed digital assets trading platform, proudly announces the successful completion of its seed and first private funding rounds, raising over $4 million to date. The latest Private 1 round, following a successful seed sale, demonstrated a remarkable enthusiasm from the community of active traders, with over 5,000 slots for future users snapped within just 5 days, resulting in a raise of approximately $2.2 million.


The Private 1 round, just as the seed round, was exclusively conducted within the Ouinex community, ensuring 100% user involvement in the fundraising process. This strategy not only highlights the platform's dedication to its community, but also positions Ouinex as a trailblazer in the crypto trading space.

The Ouinex community comprises exclusively of qualified active traders with significant experience in Traditional Finance (TradFI) products. This dynamic engagement not only brings financial support, but also guarantees Ouinex a dedicated and active user base from day one. As tokens will be distributed directly on the Ouinex platform, the project has already secured its user base even before the product goes live.

Ouinex platform

"We had planned a four-week Private 1 round but it sold out in less than 48 hours! We had to open up an extra allocation of tokens to satisfy the demand. This speaks volumes to the strength and enthusiasm of our user community," said Ilies Larbi, CEO of Ouinex. "Our commitment to a user-driven approach not only aligns with the principles of decentralization but also ensures that our community members are not just investors and users, but active participants in shaping the future of Ouinex."

The $4 million raised by the seed and private round will be strategically utilized to further develop and enhance the Ouinex platform, and to secure additional regulatory licenses. Ouinex expresses gratitude to its community for their unwavering support and looks forward to delivering a revolutionary platform that reflects the needs and aspirations of its user base.

About Ouinex

Ouinex is a regulated and secure crypto and derivatives trading platform, focused on low latency and ultra competitive trading fees. Ouinex brings the best of TradFi electronic trading infrastructure to Web3 including innovative universal cross margining capabilities, enabling users to trade TradeFi instruments by using their crypto holdings as margin. Learn more at https://ouinex.com/.

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