Storytelling Company KISS PR Brand Story Releases Complete Digital PR Guide

Storytelling Company KISS PR Brand Story Releases Complete Digital PR Guide

As Digital PR is forecasted to reach $130.5 billion by 2025, KISS PR Brand Story wants to educate their customers about its importance in building brand and reputation.

Dallas, Texas – KISS PR Brand Story has recently published a complete Digital PR Guide that aims to educate their customers on building the reputation of their businesses or brands online.

As digitization is already becoming a part of public relations worldwide, KISS PR Brand Story wants their customers to be in the loop on using Digital PR effectively to improve brand awareness and recall and drive traffic, sales, and revenue.

On their website, KISS PR Brand Story stated: “It was in 2015 that Traditional PR was slowly being transformed to Digital PR, and today, it is forecasted to reach $130.5 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 10.50% during 2020-2025.”

Qamar Zaman, the CEO and Founder of KISS PR Brand Story, explained how Digital PR works.

“Digital PR builds a presence on the Internet and manages the online reputation of your brands and your company,” Zaman explained. “Similar to traditional public relations, digital PR aims to raise awareness of your brand and create a glow of professionalism and success around it.”

“KISS PR uses Notified to measure PR impact, although there are many free and paid tools available to digital marketers,” Zaman asserted. He said that this tool works as a swiss army knife for KISS PR digital experts, resulting in a high ticket case of $7 million for their client in the legal space. On the small business side, they have secured media placements with large media outlets for their clients.

When asked what makes Digital PR different from Digital Marketing, Zaman answered that the former is simply a subset of the latter.

“Digital PR is a subset of digital marketing, but everything here can be tracked and monitored,” Zaman said. “Digital PR covers both advertising and direct marketing advertising and focuses on reputation management to generate positive media coverage and communication with stakeholders.”

“While digital PR is geared to creating a positive image of the brand, digital marketing is focused directly on sales. Digital marketing aims to reach current and potential customers, while digital PR is about maintaining a strong relationship with anyone interested in a brand or organization,” Zaman further explained.

Besides a more detailed discussion about how Digital PR works, the guide also featured steps on creating PR for their brand.

Practical tactics to generate Digital PR ideas are also discussed one by one to help brands brainstorm with their teams.

Despite the popularity of Digital PR, Zaman said traditional PR still has its value in the modern world.

“Traditional PR still has value in the modern business world, although many smart companies are now using digital PR tactics to broaden their audience reach. Effective digital PR can increase organic traffic to your site, build your brand reputation, and ultimately, drive sales and revenue.”

Zaman encourages personalities, businesses, and brands to feel free to connect with his Digital PR Experts team for help planning their Digital PR campaigns. He promised that his team would guide and help them set up and implement a result-oriented PR strategy.

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KISS PR Brand Story is a storytelling platform trusted by more than 41,000 storytellers. It is founded by Qamar Zaman, a leading Texas Website Growth expert. KISS PR Brand Story amplifies brand stories by creating large media pickup, with top-tier publications including the Alternative Press, Yahoo News, and Forbes picking up stories.

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