Covid-19: All Types of Evolving Coronavirus Variants? Clinical Trials on Corona Vaccines for New Variants

Covid-19 Vaccines Trending: How Effective are they, on All Types of Evolving Coronavirus Variants?

After many clinical trials, the Corona vaccines are proven to be safe and effective but the real question is- are all those vaccines are 100% effective on all evolving coronavirus variants as well.

As the pandemic continues, the evolution of new variants of the coronavirus is on the rise. In an effort to put an end to this pandemic, several countries have been doing their best to develop/ produce the vaccines and medicines to save the world from this deadly disease.

Fortunately, different vaccines are launched in the market and are made available to the public. But how well the different vaccines are working to fight against the new variants of the virus!?

Coronavirus New Variants that are worrying the World

  • India's 'double mutation' coronavirus variant (latest variant)

  • B.1.351 also known as the South Africa coronavirus variant

  • B.1.1.7 also known as UK coronavirus variant

  • P1 also known as Brazil coronavirus variant

Are the vaccines that are available in the market are effective on all the evolving variants? Will they boost up our antibodies to fight against those variants?! If so, how many doses we need to get!? Well, it might be too early to get a perfect answer!

According to public health experts, there are four types of vaccines available in the United States; they are Pfizer, Biontech, Moderna, Johnson, and Johnson. Three of these vaccines are proved to be successfully effective in preventing the disease.

Vaccines Are Preventing Hospitalizations and Deaths
But experts say the vaccines are alike on what matters most: preventing hospitalizations and deaths. "Luckily, all these vaccines look like they're protecting us from severe disease," said Dr. Monica Gandhi of the University of California, San Francisco [1]

When These Vaccines Were Compared, In Connection To Which Has Higher Preventing Rate?

Pfizer and Biontech shown to have a 95% efficacy rate when compared to Moderna; It has one point higher than those two. However, these vaccines are equally preventing the symptomatic Covid across the age groups.

Clinical Trials on New Variants:

  • Johnson & Johnson's vaccine has shown a 72% efficacy rate for the single-dose even preventing the symptomatic Covid and most serve disease with the efficacy rate of 85% after 28days of vaccination.

  • As per the source, Johnson & Johnson have done different clinical trials when there is a high rate of new contagious Variants in the country!

Here is a Case Study

So, for instance, in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trials, of the 43,661 people who volunteered, 170 contracted coronavirus. Of them, 162 were in the placebo group and 8 were in the vaccine group. That means the rate of illness among the vaccinated group was 95% lower than in the placebo group. Thus, the vaccine has a 95% efficacy rate [2].

It’s All About Immunity & Anti-Bodies

It's not about the effective vaccine, Even it's not all the failure of the clinical trials! Though a person is vaccinated or not, may get infected if the person has low levels of immune and antibodies. When the human body has a low immune system and unable to react to an antigen or antibody then there will be a higher risk of being infected.

Until we get a perfect Vaccine/ Medicine that is 100% effective on all the evolving variants of Coronavirus, It’s strongly advised to follow few things. Yes! Just a few SIMPLE THINGS:

  • Wearing Mask

  • Social distancing

  • Wash hands frequently / Sanitize hands / Use gloves

  • Avoid public gatherings & traveling / frequent traveling

  • Eat food that boosts your immunity

  • Exercise to stay fit

Conclusion: Prevention is Better than Cure



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