Honoring Military Veterans - 68 Year Old Texas Man Running 31 Miles Every Day for 31 Days

Honoring Military Veterans - 68 Year Old Texas Man Running 31 Miles Every Day for 31 Days

31 miles a day run for 31 days by 68 years Old Texas man honoring military men who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2011.

Military Personnel protects the country and citizens by risking their lives. We are at a loss for words to express our gratitude. It is their selfless passion for our country that drives them to make the ultimate sacrifice for us! It is their strength, confidence, best knowledge, excellence, and Excellency that distinguishes them and qualifies them to represent our motherland.

The Mission 'Extortion17' - 31 miles a day, for 31 days

The 31 U.S Military men were killed on the helicopter in Afghanistan in 2011. To honor the military men for sacrificing their lives fighting for freedom was the most significant loss for the U.S.; 68 Year old Mike Rouse from Texas; to run 31 miles a day for 31 days. He named this mission 'Extortion 17'. Joul Tumilson, Navy SEAL, is an ally and running mate for Rouse; he was one of those victims of the war.

Mike Rouse in His Words

"I'm gonna run 31 miles a day for 31 days to honor 31 men," Rouse explained. "It was a mission called 'Extortion 17.' There were 31 U.S. military men on the helicopter, and all 31 were killed instantly." [1]

'31 For 31'.

Last year, Rouse collaborated with the Boot Campaign to launch the '31 For 31' run in memory of his friend and all the veterans of the military. On every day of his run, Rouse wears a shirt with the name of one of the 31 men who died in that mission.

"So, every morning, I wake up, wear that shirt on, and I just pray that I have the strength to honor that man," Rouse said, holding back tears.

He Couldn't Do it When he was in Jail.

"I started running in prison in 1986," Rouse said. He served 14-months of a 5-year sentence for a drug offense. "I was told 2 1/2 laps around the yard was a mile, so I thought, well, I'll go run 2 miles, and I couldn't do it." [1]

10k Run Every Day!

By the time Rouse was released from Jail, he was doing a 10k run every day. This resulted in a passion for racing, which included ultra-marathons. On his birthday last year, he was running his age. Rouse chose to run 69 miles straight in October. The runs are just not for him this month.

"This is not about me; it's about the fighters," Rouse said.

He'll wrap up the month-long drive at the Navy SEAL base in Coronado, California. If you want to cheer Rouse on or run online alongside him, you can do so wherever you are.

On BootUp Campaign- Trending with #LaceUpAmerica

This event is available on the BootUp campaign website trending with the #LaceUpAmerica. This movement is encouraging every individual to support military veterans and thanking the military for their service.

The message still holds weight and continues to lend a helping hand which is a great opportunity. The veterans fought for our independence and put their life in danger whether we knew it or appreciated it. We would not have the protections we have now if military persons had not served. They protected All of us.

Many veterans fail to adjust to civilian life, get trapped in "the system," or become homeless after returning from service.



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