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Hair removal services in Round Round TX for men and women.  Affordable Wax Center

Round Rock is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country and one of Texas' best-managed communities. KISS Best reports on hair removal round rock tx

Hair removal for men and women is one of the challenges.  Findling a good wax center that has the right reviews can be a daunting task. KISS PR has some research for you.  t's no big surprise that both men and women have switched to waxing for sleek legs, underarms, and more as it makes you stubble-free for quite a long time or even months! Researches affirm that American women lean toward waxing treatments over any remaining hair-evacuation strategies. And while at-home waxing units exist, there are such a large number of ways it can turn out badly. So, all things considered, try to see an authorized esthetician who has specialized training in safe waxing techniques.

Bijou Beauty Waxing and Skin services

This spa is owned by a Licensed Esthetician/Makeup Artist who loves to give skin health management and waxing services. They invest wholeheartedly in making others look yet feel remarkable. They utilize a general waxing technique that has fulfilled both men and women. They work by appointment. Also, They guarantee to offer you confidential services in a casual environment.


  • Full Face/Brows Waxing
  • Underarms/Bikini Waxing
  • Full/Half Arms Waxing
  • Full/Half Legs Waxing
  • Brazilian Waxing
  • Ear/Nose/Lips Waxing
  • Lower Back/Stomach Waxing
  • Back/Shoulders Waxing


  • Ranges from $7 to $85


  • Monday - Friday: 10am – 7pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 4pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Google Review

"Judy is amazing! Finally found a wax specialist in round rock. Highly recommend. Can't wait for my next appointment <3" Desiree Cadena

Contact Information

Address: Salon & Spa Studios, 105 E Old Settlers Blvd Suite 115, Studio 3, Round Rock, TX 78664, United States

Phone Number: +1 512-487-2752

Website: https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/bbwlms

2. Lunch Box Wax Round Rock

Stroll into Lunchbox Wax with hair you don't need, leave feeling uncovered and lovely in simply an issue of minutes! As a full-administration speed-waxing salon, they convey a remarkable client experience. It's right what they say about them, hair today, gone tomorrow. They use refined, successful waxing techniques to give you that smooth skin feels and intensely sure look in the blink of an eye by any means.

Also, they have an offer going on. Buy one get one free this June.


  • Arm Waxing
  • Bikini Waxing
  • Full Body Waxing
  • Brazilian Waxing
  • Brow/Cheek/Chin waxing
  • Face/Neck Waxing
  • Feet Waxing
  • Glute Waxing
  • Men Waxing
  • Nostrils/Upper Lip Waxing
  • Pectoral Waxing
  • Shoulders Waxing


  • Ranges from $16 to $86


  • Monday - Friday: 10am – 7pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Google Review

"Imani was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Check her out. She is so friendly and made sure I understood everything that was happening. They do a great job at keeping things safe for us during this time." Fitness with Kathy

Contact Information

Address: 603 Louis Henna Blvd b150, Round Rock, TX 78664, United States

Phone Number: +1 512-502-5343

Website: https://www.lunchboxwax.com/tx-round-rock-greenlawn-crossing/

3. Sweet Waxology

Sweet Waxology is an extraordinary speed waxing hair expulsion administration in a salon idea situated inside the salons, Round Rock, Texas, focused on the wellbeing and safety of their visitors regardless of anything else. The provisions they use are medical grade so that they can guarantee a disinfected space for every appointment. They offer an entirely comfortable environment and have the quickest and most effortless client care. How about we have a look at the services they offer.


  • Body Waxing
  • Brazilian Waxing
  • Brow Tint
  • Chest Waxing
  • European Waxing
  • Eye Brow Shaping
  • Bikini Waxing
  • Men's Eyebrow Waxing
  • Neck Wax
  • Waxing Tips
  • Waxing Treatments


  • Ranges from $12 to $70


  • Tuesday - Friday: 9am – 5pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 3pm
  • Sunday & Monday: Closed

Google Review

"Johanna is THE BEST! Classy and excellent customer service. She appreciates her customers and goes out of her way to provide a great experience. You cannot go wrong with Sweet Waxology!" Tami Taylor

Contact Information

Address: 201 University Oaks Blvd #28 Bldg 300, Round Rock, TX 78665, United States

Phone Number: +1 512-580-1417

Website: https://sweetwaxology.com/

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