Google Search Ranking & URL Length Mystery - Dallas SEO Consultant Explains John Mueller Video

Why doesn’t URL length affect Google search ranking? Dallas SEO Consultant explains.

Dallas Website Growth Company CEO and SEO Consultant, Qamar Zaman, explains why URL length doesn't matter for SEO.

Why doesn’t URL length affect Google search ranking? Dallas SEO Consultant explains.

The URL length doesn’t matter when it comes to ranking web pages in Google Search. It doesn’t matter because it is not part of Google’s search ranking factors. It was what Qamar Zaman, Dallas SEO Consultant and CEO of KISS PR, wrote in his recently published blog post that quickly discussed the topic “if short or long URL matters for SEO.” Google’s John Mueller had said the same.

Zaman started his blog by explaining a URL and showed a simple graphic illustrating its parts to educate his readers fully.

URL, which means Uniform Resource Locator, refers to the web resource that specifies its location on a computer network. It is a mechanism used to retrieve any resources on the web.

In Zaman’s blog post, the four parts of a URL have been highlighted. These include the Protocol, Domain, Path, and Webpage. Instead of treating a URL length as a factor for search ranking, Zaman advised his readers to treat all URLs, whether it’s long or short, as identifiers.

“No, is the simple answer. The length of the URL does not matter. We use URLs as identifiers, whatever their length. I tend to limit my URLs to 1,000 characters or less. I do this for ease of monitoring. You can use as many slashes as you want,” Zaman wrote.

Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, John Mueller, busted this common SEO myth during his #AskGoogleBot Youtube session. He officially said that Google search rankings are not affected by the size of the URL.

Although the URL length doesn’t matter when it comes to search rankings, Zaman offered tips on optimizing URL structure for search engine optimization.

“There are many ways to make your URLs SEO-friendly. When creating URLs, you should keep the overall picture of your website in mind. The arrangement of categories and folders on your website will determine the URLs in the future,” Zaman wrote.

Zaman recommended keeping the URL structure cleaner and illustrated how to do it.

“When thinking about SEO, always map your customer journey. We have a blog post on this in-depth resource: How to Optimize Website Navigation for More Conversion. At the end of the day, it’s all about the user experience. A great user experience will help you rank higher in search results,” he explained.

Zaman reiterated that although a URL length doesn’t matter, keeping its structure simple and easy to read both by the search engine bots and human readers is crucial as this affects user experience. These days user experience affects search rankings, and this is what he wanted website owners to always keep on top of their minds.

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