How To Choose the Best Time Scheduling Software For Your Business?

When choosing the best time scheduling software for your business, it’s best to start with making a list of your needs.

If you spend long hours planning your employees schedules using Excel or spreadsheets, you should definitely know there is a better way, allowing you to get an online work schedule planner in a matter of minutes. How to save up to 12 hours weekly and reduce scheduling problems? Is it a way of assigning jobs, and positions to the work schedule? How to choose the best time scheduling software for your business?

What are your needs?

When choosing the best time scheduling software for your business, it’s best to start with making a list of your needs. Businesses have different demands, and a company with a thousand employees can't be compared to one with a hundred.

It may be a good idea to make a list of priorities for your company when planning a schedule, and compare them to the features offered by a given software. Find the software aligning with your needs and priorities, and then check if it fits your budget.

You already know companies' needs vary depending on its size, working hours, number of shifts, or types of workers positions. Still, there are some features that each company will take advantage of.

The process of schedules planning should be as easy as possible, and fully automated, from the very beginning to the moment of publishing it. Spreadsheets and Excel are impractical because they cannot track conflicts, and if there is a last-minute time off request, everything you have been working on will begin to cascade, making it more difficult to introduce the changes.

How can an effective time management tool help you?

It’s really important for you to be able to assign fixed and flexible schedule types, depending on the employee, or any other factors.

In case you assigned a shift to the wrong employee, or you just got a call the person won’t be able to come to work on a given day, with a fully automated scheduling software, you simply drag and drop, copy or move shifts to any other available employee, instead of starting all the work over. You may also switch the shifts of employees, and move them to another week.

In the case of employees on the go, it’s really important that they know what to do, and where they are delegated to do the task. Your ideal scheduling software should have the option of assigning positions, jobs and projects to such employees. No more phone calls from them with questions about their tasks, and more time for you to focus on your duties.

What are the other benefits of scheduling software?

It's like winning the lottery when you use scheduling software that saves you up to 12 hours a week. If you add up more benefits, you will have no more second thoughts about investing into it. There is still more to come in addition to all the facilitations mentioned above.

Schedules can be created daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and you can easily copy the schedule to other employees or to the next work period. Additionally, schedule maker wizard allows you to automatically create schedules based on any timeline.

Your employees will be delighted with a free mobile app, both for Android and iOS, giving them insight into the schedule at any time. It is also a challenge for you, and you should really know how to prioritize your time management to avoid the situation in which you check the schedule and the notifications all the time.

We can’t forget about security, as the schedule is available online it must be stored on secured servers. Finally, apart from the online version of schedules, it may be quite useful to save schedules as PDF, CSV or XLS files, to import them to other software, or just to print them.

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