Web3 Domains Announces Alexander Walker as New Partner

Web3 Domains, a premier online publication focusing on decentralization and digital identity, partners with Alexander Walker, a 25-year-old international speaker, UI Designer, and Consulta

Web3 Domains, a leading online publication dedicated to decentralization and digital identity, is pleased to announce that Alexander Walker, an international speaker, UI Designer, and Consultant, has been named a partner in the company.

At only 25 years old, Alex is devoted to empowering entrepreneurs in the sector by helping them grow their startups and small businesses. His work with Web3 Domains℠ has made him an influential figure in the space, with his articles offering in-depth understanding and knowledge on decentralized domains and user names. This dedication led to him being a guest speaker at the Black Data Processing Association and his insights being showcased at major industry events like NFTNYC.

“I am so honored to join the establishment as an official partner” - Says Alexander Walker about the new partnership.

Driven early exposure to innovative tech by none other than Ron Klein, the inventor of the credit card strip, Alex has honed his expertise and become an authority in the field of digital identity. Recognizing the significant growth within the digital identities community, he is committed to aiding clients in harnessing the potential of decentralized technology and the advantages it presents for the future.

Web3 Domains prides itself on a team of talented journalists who work tirelessly to keep readers informed about the impact of digital identity within the new internet paradigm. The publication's mission is underpinned by the belief that digital identity could be a catalyst for the wide-scale adoption of this transformative technology. As the Web 3.0 environment continues to evolve, enthusiasts, prominent figures, and businesses are exploring its potential, seeking consultation and guidance from experts like Alex.

The learning curve associated with grasping concepts of decentralization and digital identity Alex's enthusiasm, backed by the support from those proficient in the field continues to inspire his journey. His tenacity and dedication have seen him featured in platforms like Digital Journal and podcasts such, as entrepreneur.com. Looking Alex plans to further expand his consultancy continuing to publicly discuss and advocate for digital identity and decentralized technology. He aims to foster growth with the Web 3.0 community as it breaks into the mainstream. It is with excitement that Alex announces his speaking role at NFT NYC 2023. Follow his insights and updates on Twitter (@notheralexander) and Instagram (decency.eth).

About Web3 Domains: Web3 Domains is a leading publication specializing in decentralization, digital identity and the future, of the internet. Their mission is to provide expert journalism that educates and informs our readers about the exciting possibilities and potential of this emerging technology.

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