Huanqiu: Travelogue of China International Media Communication Activity - Experiencing Real China in Sichuan

Foreign journalists ride bicycles along the Jinjiang Greenway built by CCCC Southwest Urban Development Co., Ltd.

Foreign journalists explore Sichuan's culture, eco-progress, and tech innovations in a 5-day Travelogue, fostering China's global cultural exchange.

The five-day Travelogue of China International Media Communication Activity recently concluded, leaving its participants with unforgettable experiences and a profound understanding of the rich cultural heritage, ecological progress, and technological advancements in China's Sichuan province. Hosted by the China Public Diplomacy Association and Global Times Online, and supported by the China Internet Development Foundation, the event brought together 17 journalists from 13 countries, including Vanuatu, Pakistan, East Timor, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

Foreign journalists ride bicycles along the Jinjiang Greenway built by CCCC Southwest Urban Development Co., Ltd.

Marie-Noelle Waiane, a journalist from Vanuatu, expressed her gratitude and excitement about the opportunity to explore Sichuan. She said, "I will have a different story to tell my family. I will be going back with great experiences and stories to tell my President and Prime Minister. This is like a big opportunity and a privilege, and I will be a living witness, sharing how heartfelt, accommodating, and welcoming the Chinese people are."

One of the highlights of the journey was a cycling adventure along the Jinjiang Greenway, a part of the world's largest greenway system known as the Tianfu Greenway in Chengdu. Birat Gautam, a journalist from Nepal, marveled at the vastness of the greenway, stating, "I've never seen such a huge greenway in a city."

Li Miao, General Manager of CCCC Southwest Urban Development Co., Ltd., provided insight into the Tianfu Greenway, which boasts a planned length of approximately 16,900 kilometers. By the opening of the Chengdu Universiade, over 6,500 kilometers of greenways at various levels had been put into use in Chengdu, integrating more than 3,500 cultural, tourism, sports, and technological facilities. The journalists were deeply impressed by Chengdu's ecological progress and its transformation into a park city, describing the parks as "amazing" and seemingly "natural."

Chengdu's development is closely linked to the Jinjiang River system, a lifeline for the city. The exploration of water resource monitoring and management, supported by advanced technology, has played a pivotal role. Chengdu's smart water management system has become a model for modern and intelligent water management in China and a valuable reference for developing countries.

The journalist delegation had the opportunity to visit the Chengdu Smart Water Center, where they were introduced to a sophisticated water management platform that gathers over 200 million pieces of data. Zhang Yi, Deputy Manager of CCCC Southwest Urban Development Co., Ltd., explained how the platform predicts sudden floods by monitoring various factors across the watershed. Foreign media journalists were highly impressed, rating Chengdu's water management model with a remarkable 9 out of 10.

Tan Xiao Ren, a journalist from Malaysia, noted the relevance of Chengdu's water management system to his country's challenges with heavy rains and floods, emphasizing its reference value for Malaysia's water governance.

On September 11, the delegation arrived in Deyang, Sichuan Province, known as the "Chinese Equipment Technology City." There, they explored China's latest technological innovations in clean energy equipment, visiting Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dongfang Electric Corporation and China's largest turbine manufacturing base. The 5G-connected digital factory for clean energy equipment left a lasting impression on the journalists, who witnessed real-time data collection, incredible computing power, and precise digital systems.

Birat summed up his experience, stating, "The Chinese Dream is green. I will tell more people how China is combining 5G technology with eco-friendly science and persisting on the path of sustainable development. A greener China means a more beautiful world."

The "Travelogue of China" activity in Sichuan has successfully concluded, fostering stronger ties between China and the participating countries. These 17 foreign journalists have not only gained firsthand exposure to Sichuan's cultural heritage, ecological development, and technological advancements but will also serve as bridges between Chinese and foreign cultures, sharing their experiences and conveying a real China to the wider world.

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