Airdeed Homes Unveils Florida Study on Largest 10 Cities For Homebuyers

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Airdeed Homes' latest study delves into listing prices of Florida's largest cities, shedding light on the diverse real estate market and offering essential information for potential homebuyers.

Airdeed Homes, a leading innovator in real estate search engines, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest real estate research study focusing on the Florida. This study delves into the listing prices of the top 10 largest cities in the Sunshine State.

Airdeed Homes completed the study leveraging data from the multiple listing services, a trusted beacon of real estate market information. Includes data for Florida's largest cities: Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Hialeah, Tampa, Cape Coral, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Port St. Lucie, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee.

Within the research study, Airdeed Homes investigated key variables of interest, encompassing city-specific information, the count of active listings, average listing prices, and median listing prices. This comprehensive analysis aims to empower those with aspirations of homeownership in Florida with valuable insights into the prevailing real estate market conditions.

Airdeed Homes' research reveals substantial variation in average listing prices across the top 10 largest Florida cities. Fort Lauderdale boasts the highest average listing price, standing at $1,880,864.30, with Miami homes for sale following closely at an average of $1,331,295.02. Conversely, Tallahassee emerges as the city with the lowest average listing price, coming in at $383,659.12.

Similarly, median listing prices display noteworthy disparities among the cities. Fort Lauderdale commands the highest median listing price at $799,786.00, while Miami secures the second-highest position with a median listing price of $749,000.00. Once again, Tallahassee stands as the city with the lowest median listing price, registering at $325,311.00.

It is worth highlighting that Hialeah, Cape Coral, Port St. Lucie, and Orlando houses for sale have relatively lower average and median listing prices, making them attractive options for those seeking affordable housing within the state.

Airdeed Homes acknowledges certain limitations inherent in the study. Notably, the data is derived exclusively from active listings on Airdeed Homes and does not encompass information from other reputable real estate sources. Furthermore, the data reflects a specific time (September 2023) and does not factor in the dynamic nature of listing prices, which can change as properties are added or removed from the market.

Notwithstanding these limitations, the research findings by Airdeed Homes elucidate significant variations in average and median listing prices across Florida's largest cities. This research study is a valuable resource for those contemplating property acquisitions in the state and offers an informative Florida Real Estate For Sale Report. It serves as a reliable starting point for those looking to delve deeper into the real estate trends in Florida.

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