Elevate Your PCB Assembly Game with PCBGOGO: Your Ultimate Electronic Project Partner!

PCBGOGO: Your partner for PCB assembly excellence and customer satisfaction.

To achieve a new peak in PCB Assembly, let PCBGOGO be your navigator, and walk to the peak of perfection. As the industry’s pioneers and market leaders since 2015, for years our product has been a symbol of measurement accuracy, power saving, and trouble-free service. We provide full-fledged turnkey services for PCB assembly that involve every phase of your project life-cycle concluding from the starting phases to the realization of the target. At PCBGOGO, we are fortified in our expertise in the small things, at that level. Thus, we dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly by perfecting each solder mask with care, analyzing all Gerber files critically, and executing perfect assemblies of Durable surfaces with a relentless and steady focus. Our endeavor of unstinting innovation and relentless perfectionist attitude gives you the liberty to examine the frontiers of the possible and fulfill your electronic fantasies. PCBGOGO by your side not only means to be the first one to use advanced technology, work with a bunch of experienced experts, and live in an atmosphere full of perfection that allows us ahead of others. Whether you are a highly experienced expert or an up-and-coming innovator, our startup-to-scaleup model is well-suited to you, providing services tailored to your particular needs from work prototypes to large productions. Reinforce the strength and unity of the PCBGOGO today so that you will have a chance to turn your work into the best electronic in the world.

Unraveling the Mystery of PCB Assembly

Welcome to PCBGOGO, where we offer customer-focused services that allow you to gain confidence in the seemingly complex world of PCB assembly. We at our company dedicate ourselves to a very high level of excellence by delivering the perfect turnkey services throughout the electronic project implementation cycle, and this includes support at every other interface. At PCBGOGO, we have learned that every project is a special case, so we have developed a set of services that include all possible needs of our customers. Our trip starts with the PCB-making section where we harness the latest available technology, along with the best production equipment, to help you to turn your designs into precision-cut reality. However, this is just the first part of the story. For that, we are the best in material sourcing where we give attention to detail and the highest quality components for the best performance and reliability.

In addition, we offer to check the functions and also set the IC, which means, we will do everything to make sure the PCBs meet the best quality standards and work perfectly. Regardless of whether you have been in electronics for many years or just your first day, PCBGOGO is a trusted partner excelling at every stage of your journey Where wisdom, hard work, and undauntability are our cornerstones, we're ready to walk your way of the mystery of PCB assembly and bring your electronic dream to a wide-awake reality.

Solder Mask: Shielding Your Vision

Shield your Vision Stepping through the solder mask of PCBGOGO, the world of functionalism and beauty mix seductively. Not only do the colors we offer contribute to the individuality and uniqueness of your designs but also play a crucial role in ensuring a high degree of resistance from environmental elements to your printed circuit boards. Solder masks are not just for decorative purposes. They act as a protective shield from contaminants such as moisture, dust, and any other particle that could damage your circuitry. This means that they perform at an optimal level and do not malfunction, even in the toughest operating conditions. You can personalize your PBCGOGO board with a myriad of color options from which to choose for your convenience and your project's features plus, benefiting from the high level of protection it provides. Make your PCB as appealing as the product it comprises with our solder masks of extraordinary quality and receive that blend of shape and function you have been seeking for.

Decoding Gerber Files: Your Blueprint to Success

Your PCB fabrication or manufacturing project will be configured with PCBGOGO resources, which include automated programming, precision, and innovations. By making use of our advanced manufacturing facilities and experienced technical specialists, we decode your Gerber files to perfection, producing prototypes with incredible execution, and excellent replication. The little details matter at PCBGOGO and we know that the success of your endeavors depends on the devil being in them. Therefore, we never compromise on the quality standards and the machinery. By doing so, we avail accurate reproduction of every piece of artwork such as a trace, a pad, and a component based on your exact requirements.

No matter whether you are an experienced pro or just a beginner in this field, the wide range of parametric Gerber file services provided by us help you to realize your idea in a confident and uncomplicated way. Trust PCBGOGO when it comes to working together to have your features fly to the next level of excellence.

Mastering PCB Assembly: From Prototype to Perfection

From the design of your project to its delivery, you can be sure that PCBGOGO is the sidekick you always need. We make sure that your needs are fulfilled with our specialty services called rigid PCBs, flexible, and rigid-flex PCB assembly accompanied by outstanding precision and professionalism. From SMD and through-hole components soldered to your boards, our skillset encompasses to handling the most complicated packages to achieve the highest accuracy and utmost efficiency.

Quality Assurance: Our Commitment to Excellence

PCBGOGO retains quality not as the aim, but as the definite level. With certifications including UL certification and compliance with the ISO 9001:In 2015 quality management system, our main goal is to provide quality assurance on all the stages of assembly operations. Through strict testing and inspection procedures, we confirm that all printed circuit board products shipped from our factory exceed both performance goals and your demand for reliability.

Customer Testimonials: The Voice of Excellence

Our customer satisfaction confirms the value of our service. Achieving more than 98% customer satisfaction with our high appraisal and positive feedback, we are proud of our track record of high quality, professionalism, and excellent service. Now is the time to take a step and to become part of those customers who are satisfied resolving their problems with us and trust us to create a perfect prototype for your design.

Embark on Your PCB Journey with PCBGOGO Today!

PCBGOGO provides various PCB services for your electronic projects during the process from prototypes to production. We are your one-stop solution for professional turnkey PCB assembly services. We can accommodate advanced assembly requirements and never lose sight of our goal for excellence and your success. Contact us now to get more acquainted with how we help your PCB projects reach new levels of success.


1. What are the services included in PCBGOGO?

PCBGOGO takes care of all aspects related to PCB manufacturing, including PCB assembly, component sourcing, functionality testing, and IC programming.

2. What advantages does PCBGOGO offer in terms of quality? P

CBGOGO ensures quality through adherence to high industry standards, rigorous testing, and inspection protocols, including UL certification and compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 was an audit for our quality management system.

3. Does PCBGOGO hold any certifications?

PCBGOGO has certifications including UL certification and compliance with the ISO 9001:The year 2015 quality management system, which guarantees that all of the PCB products are updated with the latest industry standards.

4. How would I know the status of my order?

Customers can monitor their orders on the PCBGOGO website through their account by selecting the order tracking feature whereby the progress status of their PCB assemblies is provided in real-time.

5. Does PCBGOGO also assist with customized projects?

Certainly, PCBGOGO provides support for custom projects, this is made available through a range of customized services, meeting each of the customers' needs and requirements starting from the prototype stage, to mass production.

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