Top 5 Gift Cards 2024 to Sell Online | Seller Guide

Explore gift card selling strategies for profit via online marketplaces.

Welcome to our ultimate guide on gift cards! Discover how to sell them online and explore our top 5 most profitable picks for 2024.

Gift cards offer a convenient way for individuals to manage their everyday expenses. Essentially, a gift card consists of a unique code, typically composed of digits, characters, or a combination of both. This code is redeemable, allowing users to add funds to their digital wallets or accounts associated with specific platforms. Once loaded, these funds can be utilized much like cash, enabling purchases across digital stores and platforms supported by the respective wallet.

Why Sell Gift Cards?

Gift cards serve as a convenient method for purchasing a wide range of digital items across various platforms. While they provide the flexibility to buy anything available on a specific platform, unused gift certificates can become redundant if there's nothing of interest to the owner. Yet, there's an alternative: selling your unused gift cards to those who need them. This not only allows you to recoup value from unused cards but also provides buyers with the opportunity to acquire items online they desire. It's a win-win scenario, where sellers get paid and buyers gain access to products or services of their choice.

In this guide, you'll learn everything about gift cards, including how to sell them online.

How to Sell Gift Cards Online?

Establishing your own online gift card store

Starting to sell gift cards online is straightforward and offers two primary avenues. One option is to establish your own online gift card store. By creating a website and setting up shop according to your preferences, you can determine pricing and terms of service. If customers find your offerings fair, you'll attract new business. An advantage of owning an independent store is the ability to retain 100% of your earnings without paying commission fees to third parties.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider:

  • Initial costs: Setting up your own online gift card store requires purchasing a domain, which incurs an upfront expense.

  • Operational needs: You may need to hire various professionals such as IT specialists, designers, lawyers, translators, and content creators to ensure smooth operations.

  • Security concerns: Protecting your online store from hacker attacks and other losses becomes solely your responsibility.

  • Payment systems: Finding reliable payment systems that cater to your store's needs can be challenging.

  • Ongoing maintenance: Maintaining your website requires regular attention and performing various tasks to ensure its functionality.

  • Legal considerations: Understanding which vouchers can be sold and adhering to relevant laws governing gift card sales is crucial.

Creating a seller account on an existing marketplace

Another approach to launching your gift card business online is by utilizing existing gift card marketplaces. These platforms allow individuals to create seller accounts and promptly begin selling vouchers. One significant advantage is the immediate access to selling opportunities without the need to develop your own website. Additionally, these marketplaces boast established reputations and attract regular gift card buyers, enhancing your chances of success.

However, there also are some drawbacks:

  • Sellers must adhere to the marketplace's terms of service, and a small commission fee is typically incurred for each completed order.

Gift Cards to Sell in 2024

  • iTunes gift cards

iTunes, developed by Apple, offers a versatile platform for purchasing and enjoying music, movies, and more. Designed for easy access to entertainment, iTunes allows users to buy and listen to music, import songs, watch movies and live streams, among other features. iTunes gift cards enhance this experience by providing flexible payment options for various Apple services. With an iTunes gift card, users can pay for music, apps, iCloud storage, Apple Music subscriptions, books, movies, and in-app transactions. The flexibility and convenience of iTunes gift cards contribute to their high demand among users.

  • Steam gift cards

Steam, developed and owned by Valve Corporation, stands as the leading online video game store globally. With Steam, users gain access to an extensive library of downloadable video games, making it a favorite among gamers worldwide. The high demand for Steam gift cards reflects the platform's popularity, offering users the flexibility to purchase games and other content. Moreover, Steam vouchers can also be used to buy hardware such as the innovative Steam Deck, developed by Valve.

  • Xbox gift cards

The Xbox, developed by Microsoft, stands as a formidable video game console, offering gamers a robust platform capable of handling even the most demanding titles effortlessly. Alongside other leading consoles like the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, Xbox enjoys widespread popularity among gamers worldwide. Xbox users can leverage Xbox gift cards to access a plethora of content, including video games and subscriptions like the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

  • PlayStation gift cards

The PlayStation, developed by Sony, reigns as the world's most popular video game console. PlayStation users can enhance their gaming experience by utilizing PSN gift cards to add funds to their PlayStation wallets. These funds can then be used to purchase a wide array of games and subscriptions, including the highly regarded PlayStation Plus service.

  • Razer Gold gift cards

Razer Gold, owned by Razer, serves as a digital currency that users can earn and utilize for various purchases on the Razer store. Users have the opportunity to earn both Razer Silver and premium Razer Gold, which can be exchanged for a wide range of items, including video games and in-game currency. With the ability to instantly deposit Razer Gold into your account, you can swiftly indulge in your desired purchases.

Where to Sell Gift Cards Online?


If you want to start selling gift cards through an online marketplace, then BuySellVouchers is one of the marketplaces you should consider. BuySellVouchers has been in business since 2012 and has served customers reliably ever since. BuySellVouchers only charges a 1% commission fee from the seller which is a negligible amount. Moreover, BuySellVouchers offers anti-fraud systems and effective marketing tools to its buyers to ensure they can run a smooth business. BuySellVouchers has an excellent and responsive customer support team and also accepts payments through a number of different payment methods. If you are yet to start your journey as a gift card seller, you might want to look into BuySellVouchers to judge for yourself.

G2A is another online marketplace that is known to be a reputable and reliable platform among gamers. G2A is still running a strong business and has served over 25 million users from over 180 different countries. G2A has a large variety of gift cards on its platform but it imposes more charges on its sellers than BuySellVouchers does.

Kinguin is a reputable platform that originally made its debut in 2013. Since then, it has served over 15 million users. Kinguin is an open marketplace and any seller can start selling through it by making an account. However, prices for products on Kinguin are generally more than on BuySellVouchers and G2A.

While these platforms offer excellent opportunities for selling gift cards online, it's essential to explore other avenues as well. Various other online marketplaces, social media platforms (Reddit, Facebook, Discord, Telegram), and even local community forums can serve as effective channels for selling gift cards.


The article covers essential strategies for selling gift cards independently and through popular online marketplaces like BuySellVouchers, G2A, and Kinguin. Success in this business requires understanding your buyers' needs and delivering exceptional service. With knowledge of popular gift cards to resell, you can focus on the selling process to maximize your chances of success.

Unused gift cards sitting idle hold no value to you. It's wise to sell them before they expire. Listing them for sale allows you to potentially find buyers in need. Once listed, you can relax and wait for the transactions to happen.

Launching a gift card business from home is an appealing option, accessible to individuals of all ages as a lucrative side hustle. If you're considering starting a business from home, it could be an option to consider.

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