Restoring Smiles and Lives: Dr. Richard McKinney's Process of the Smile Makeover

Dr Richard Mckinney speaks on his process of preforming a smile makeover

In the dynamic field of dentistry, Dr. Richard McKinney is distinguished not only for his technical skills but also for his empathetic approach to patient care. Dr. McKinney is dedicated to transforming lives by reconstructing smiles.

Dr. McKinney's patient-centric approach is evident in how he assesses each case. "We do a comprehensive evaluation for new patients, aiming to understand their expectations and dental history. It's not just about treating teeth; it's about treating people," he explained. This thorough process ensures that patients receive care tailored to their unique needs, whether it's routine maintenance or more complex procedures.

A striking example of his work involves a mid-aged man with a history of severe teeth grinding due to high stress.
"Here was a clear case where opening up his bite to where it was 30 years ago and redesigning his smile was a life-changing process. His teeth were severely worn down, and he was ready for a change," Dr. McKinney shared. “We like to say that nothing gets less expensive or less complicated than it is today. The procedure completely turned around his smile, but more importantly it .”

This patient's story is a testament to the transformative power of dental reconstruction. Dr. McKinney's philosophy extends to treating patients with utmost care and consideration."I treat my patients like family. We focus on preserving natural teeth as much as possible. It's about doing the necessary work without going overboard," he emphasized.

In his practice, Dr. McKinney has witnessed how cosmetic dental procedures can profoundly impact self-esteem. He recalls a young woman whose smile makeover changed her life.
"She went from hiding her smile to not being able to stop showing it off. It's incredible how much a smile can affect someone's confidence," he said..

Smile makeovers, as Dr. McKinney describes, is a comprehensive term that includes various dental needs.
"It could be for someone who’s lost a couple of teeth, has a collapsed bite, or needs a combination of veneers, crowns, or implants. The goal is always to create a functional and lasting smile," he elaborated.

For Dr. McKinney, the key to successful dental treatment lies in comprehensive planning and patient education.
"We identify and address problems while they are still manageable. It’s about proactive, not reactive, dental care," he asserted.

In conclusion, Dr. Richard McKinney's approach to dentistry, particularly smile makeovers, is a blend of technical excellence and compassionate care. His commitment to restoring not just teeth but also self-esteem and quality of life makes him a standout in his field, changing lives one smile at a time.

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