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Innovative gift card enterprise conveys game-changing marketing, distribution and strategic partnering solutions to music artists seeking to establish sustainable careers independently.

Today, announces its entry into the music industry through its suite of gift card powered products and solutions developed expansively to help music artists establish sustainable careers independently.

Originally formed to help small retailers acquire and retain more customers via gift cards, has evolved into a more dynamic digital commerce marketing enterprise conveying significant market competitive advantages to diverse sectors of industry, also including big-box retailers, brands, startups, music artists, and crowdfunding. Led by founder Jeffery Lakes, the expansion taps his 20+ years of music industry experience into the needs of modern music artists faced with a wealth of technological advancements and fresh opportunities enabling them to own more of the art they create.

As introduces its dynamic marketing, distribution, and strategic partnering platform into play for independent music artists, the company also launches The Ultimate Gift Card Marketplace, featuring more than 70 leading consumer brands; 30 product categories; and 90 product types. Brands featured in the marketplace include: Beats Audio, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Toshiba, just to name a few, conveying an expansive mix of consumer electronics products and accessories to shoppers who demand the latest and greatest technology for their discretionary spending dollars. “Our approach to gift cards, brands, and music enables independent artists to convey their music to consumers in a more compelling way that’s highly lucrative to the artists” says Jeffery Lakes, who also serves in the role of CEO of He continues: “As our strategic partners, independent music artists are optimally positioned to grow and monetize their social media; sell their music SMARTer; establish new distribution channels; and strategically partner with brands and retailers motivated to back their music endeavors.”

In his LinkedIn article entitled “Indie Music Artists Need Vision More Than Record Labels", Jeffery insightfully advocates that music artists should partner with entities who value music creators more as content creators than a commodity. And, simultaneous to positioning for establishing the premier gift card brand in the marketplace, Jeffery has also aligned the unique content creating capabilities of music artists to its mission for helping them thrive in their creative endeavors. He says: “Indie music artists are hungry for cost-effective, real-time solutions to their music marketing challenges and monetization needs.” He continues: “ arrival onto the music industry scene signals the arrival of those solutions as well as a new, more lucrative era of possibilities for music artists looking to go all the way independently.”

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