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Jul 17, 2019

What is Informed Consent for Medical Treatment?

As an NYC medical malpractice lawyer, Attorney Jonathan C. Reiter explains how doctors who fail to inform a patient about the risks of a procedure or treatment may be liable for medical malpractice.
Jul 11, 2019

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer - Charges of Online Solicitation of a Minor

Attorney John Helms explains what to do if you or a loved one are facing charges of online solicitation of a minor in Texas.
Jul 09, 2019

Why Car Drivers, Not Cyclists, Need High Efficiency Air Filters

Camfil USA highlights a recent study that shows that car drivers are exposed to worse outdoor and indoor air quality than cyclists commuting in a major city.

Explaining the Staggering Rise in NYC Construction Site Accidents

New York City personal injury lawyer, Attorney Jonathan C. Reiter, brings awareness to the recent rise in accidents and injuries on NYC construction sites.
Jul 09, 2019

Broden and Mickelsen Bring Attention to White Collar Crimes with Two New Articles

Criminal defense attorneys Broden and Mickelsen share professional insight on white collar crime topics with the Dallas area.
Jul 05, 2019

The Deportation Option: Deportation vs. Criminal Prosecution

Attorney John Helm explains the criminal justice process for an undocumented person accused of committing a crime and whether it's possible to choose deportation over criminal prosecution.
Jul 05, 2019

Learn How This Eco-Friendly Bus Captures Its Own Pollution!

Camfil Air Filters, the leader of clean air solutions, explains why eco-friendly buses are being built with commercial air filtration systems to reduce pollution from vehicle emissions.
Jul 03, 2019

Benigna Parfums Named One of "5 Luxury Brands Influencers Love"

The luxury perfume brand was recently featured in Beverly Hills Magazine and Upscale Living Magazine.

Banksy Mural Creatively Draws Attention To Air Pollution

Leading Air Filter Manufacturer Camfil USA highlights how Banksy’s latest mural brings attention to an outdoor and indoor air quality crisis in the Welsh Town of Port Talbot.
Jun 27, 2019

Life-Changing Brain Damage from Anesthesia Mistakes

New York City medical malpractice lawyer, Attorney Jonathan C. Reiter explains the dangers of anesthesia errors and the life-altering consequences of brain damage as a result.