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Argentina, Brazil take aim at EU's environmental trade deal conditions

Argentina and Brazil, South America's largest economies, took aim Tuesday at an "unacceptable" EU stance in negotiations with the Mercosur bloc for a free trade deal long delayed due to stated European environmental concerns.. Mercosur countries Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay reached an agreement in principle with the 27-member European Union in 2019 after two decades of tough negotiations.

South Sudan's Kiir pledges country's first election

South Sudan's leader Salva Kiir on Tuesday pledged that delayed elections set for next year would go ahead as planned and that he would run for president. . Kiir said on Tuesday that those challenges would be addressed "before the elections" set for December next year. 

No new 'Partygate' probe against UK's Johnson: police

Boris Johnson will not face another formal probe into allegations that he broke Covid lockdown laws at the UK prime minister's country residence, police announced on Tuesday.. But in a joint statement, Thames Valley Police and London's Metropolitan Police said the events, alleged to have taken place between June 2020 and May 2021, "do not meet the retrospective criteria for opening an investigation".

Kyiv bids farewell to writer killed in Russian strike

Inside Kyiv's St Michael's cathedral, mourners gathered Tuesday to bid farewell to Ukrainian writer Victoria Amelina, who died of her wounds suffered in a Russian missile strike on a restaurant. . - 'Beyond literature' - Amelina died of her wounds in a hospital in Dnipro, where she was transported after the Kramatorsk strike. 

As Olympics brace for Seine dip, rogue swimmers say water's fine

While the 2024 Olympics will stage events in the Seine river from the ornate Alexandre III bridge, a proud declaration of the waterway's environmental renewal, many swimmers in the capital are already defying decades-long bans to take the plunge.. But the 2024 Olympic Games organisers plan to hold the triathlon and the open-water swimming events in the Seine, with French authorities investing 1.4 billion euros ($1.5 billion) to clean up the river. 

Russia says drone attack near Moscow a 'terrorist' act by Kyiv

Russia said Tuesday it had downed five Ukrainian drones in the Moscow region, calling it a "terrorist act" that briefly disrupted air traffic at an international airport near the capital.. Several flights were redirected to other airports and Russia's air transport agency said traffic at Vnukovo resumed at 0500 GMT. Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency said that other airports in Moscow and the surrounding region were operating normally.

Carbon 'capture' climate tech is booming, and confusing

Humanity's failure to draw down planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions -- 41 billion tonnes in 2022 -- has thrust once-marginal options for capping or reducing CO2 in the atmosphere to centre stage in climate policy and investment.. Unlike CCS, which by itself only prevents additional carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, DAC extracts CO2 molecules already there. 

Trial over Spanish ecological disaster starts, 25 years on

Twenty five years after one of Spain's worst ecological disasters, a court case against the Swedish mining company involved opened Tuesday in the southern city of Seville.. The case got underway on Tuesday after years of legal wrangling, which ground to a halt in 2002 when the Supreme Court ruled that Boliden was not criminally responsible.

Billion-euro bill for business as France hopes riots over

Joseph Guret surveyed the charred remains of his tobacco shop outside Paris, one of the hundreds of businesses ransacked in riots that have caused an estimated one billion euros across France.. President Emmanuel Macron suggested Tuesday that the "peak" of rioting "has passed", while remaining "cautious" for the coming days.