Launch of the 2024 IOF-ADA Forsyth Institute International Orthodontic Symposium: Igniting Innovation Across Borders

First joint IOF-AFI Orthodontic Symposium in Boston, MA, Oct 5-6. Cutting-edge tech, global experts, advancing orthodontic care.

The International Orthodontics Foundation (IOF) and the ADA Forsyth Institute (AFI) have announced that registration is now open for the first joint IOF-AFI International Orthodontic Symposium, scheduled to take place in Boston, MA, U.S., on October 5-6. The conference, themed “Orthodontic Innovation and Technology for the Practicing Orthodontists,” represents a collaborative initiative by the two organizations to develop a global series of symposia to disseminate the latest research and clinical evidence in orthodontics.

2024 IOF-ADA Forsyth Institute International Orthodontic Symposium

In an era where the boundaries of science and technology continuously expand, the realm of orthodontics is no exception. As the industry stands on the cusp of unprecedented advancements, this symposium emerges as a beacon of progress and unity in the dental world.

“This is an exciting time for the field of orthodontics,” said Dr. Ben Wu, the Chief Scientific Officer at the ADA Forsyth Institute. “AFI is pleased to partner with IOF to produce a signature event, convening global stakeholders in the orthodontics to exchange ideas and accelerate innovation.”

Advancing orthodontic technology is at the heart of IOF's mission and overarching goal. This symposium invites thought leaders to decipher mature innovations and provides a platform for innovators and early adopters to engage in learning and exchange. Concurrently, the central goal of the symposium is to nurture the growth of exceptional practitioners, empowering them to view the latest technologies in the orthodontic industry with a global perspective and integrate them into clinical practice, ultimately facilitating the popularization of the latest technology and materials, as well as benefiting patients worldwide.

A Global Symposium Propelling Orthodontic Innovation across Disciplines

The symposium promises an enriching experience with its focus on the clinical innovation of orthodontics, from cutting-edge technologies to novel materials. This wave of innovation is not solely propelled by the orthodontic domain itself but is also an outcome of collaborative intersections between orthodontics, the wider dental industry, and diverse disciplines such as artificial intelligence and materials science, marking a new era of integrated advancements.

With a lineup of nearly 30 esteemed speakers and panelists from over 20 leading orthodontic institutions globally, the event is set to showcase a wide array of groundbreaking topics. These experts also bring their wealth of knowledge from diverse fields such as technology, enriching the discourse with a cross-industry perspective.

The symposium's structure emphasizes innovation with a special panel discussion and four thematic sessions to include: advancements in orthodontic materials and biomaterials; the integration of digital technologies and artificial intelligence in practice; and the development and application of new orthodontic appliances.

Dr. Kang Ting, Executive Director of IOF, and an adjunct faculty at the ADA Forsyth Institute, commended the symposium for going beyond the typical clinical format. He stated, "Focusing on novel technology and the early adoption of innovative technologies, the symposium will provide opportunities for global thought leaders from both orthodontic and technology fields to engage in a cross talk on advanced technologies, including 3D Printing and biomaterials."

A Cohesive Academic Landscape: Amplifying Voices Across Global Practitioner Networks

The IOF-ADA Forsyth collaboration is not merely a union of two non-profit organizations, but a convergence of shared vision and purpose. The two institutions bring together complementary expertise and diverse audiences that can propel the field of orthodontics into an exciting new era of innovative, high-quality, and accessible orthodontic care. Beyond co-hosting future symposia, a broader, more comprehensive collaboration of the shared vision and expertise will foster a future where the fusion of technology and healthcare knows no limits.

About IOF

The International Orthodontics Foundation (IOF) is a not-for-profit organization devoted to improving orthodontic care worldwide. The IOF enables, empowers, and inspires clinicians by providing educational programs, promoting technology and innovation, and creating a global collaboration network. The Foundation was co-founded in June 2022 by a group of leading experts based in North America, Europe, and Asia, along with CareCapital Group, an investment and operating group focused on oral healthcare. To learn more, visit

About the ADA Forsyth Institute

The ADA Forsyth Institute was founded in 1910 as the Forsyth Dental Infirmary for Children (later, the Forsyth Institute), to provide dental care to the disadvantaged children of Boston. While continuing to serve children in need, yet recognizing the ultimate goal is disease prevention, the Institute in 1915 began to focus on scientific research and is today the world’s leader in oral health research. In October of 2023, the Institute joined with the American Dental Association to form the ADA Forsyth Institute, a 501(c)(3) entity dedicated to improving people’s oral and overall health and powering the profession of dentistry through cutting-edge basic research, creative translational science, innovative clinical technologies, and global public health outreach. Consistent with the Institute’s founding mission, the ADA ForsythKids mobile dental program continues to serve children in need.

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