Switzerland tries slow-mo cannabis revolution

Switzerland, which pioneered prescription heroin and safe injection sites decades ago, is now experimenting with decriminalising recreational cannabis, with the drug now available in some Basel pharmacies.. His is one of nine pharmacies that have been chosen to take part in the two-year pilot for the legal sale of recreational cannabis.

Missouri: the new haven for pot smokers in US Midwest

Sisters Juree Burgett and Tanya Knight, both in their 60s, smell various marijuana buds, assessing their options at a trendy dispensary in Missouri. . Burgett, who worked as a dietician, and Knight, a pastry chef by training, are now both retired. 

Tornado survivors in US pick through debris, grateful to be alive

A brick house reduced to rubble, its floors strewn with personal effects like a pink backpack and a bottle of shampoo, somehow standing upright.. Her house was flattened by the storm, which blew away the walls and roof, leaving only the wood floor, a chest of drawers, a bathtub flipped onto one side and some personal possessions tossed here and there.

North Sea shell survey brings out volunteers

Hundreds of volunteers descended on the beaches of the North Sea coast this weekend to collect sea shells as a measure of the sea's biological diversity.. The volunteers were also on the lookout for shells with holes in them, trying to measure the spread of predatory sea snails preying on shellfish.

'Direct hit' -- shock and grief after tornados strike Mississippi

"I know of two friends who lost their life," Rolling Fork business owner Ricky Cox said as he started to absorb the devastating consequences of tornadoes that ripped across Mississippi.. Cox, who lives one hour away near the state capital Jackson, drove to Rolling Fork late on Friday to check on his business as the powerful storm hit.

Parthenon fragments from Vatican return to Greece

Three fragments of Athens' Parthenon temple, kept by the Vatican for centuries, were returned to Greece on Friday in what Pope Francis has called a gesture of friendship.. "The gifting of the fragments of the Parthenon, which have been held in the Vatican Museums for more than two centuries, shows itself as an ecclesial, cultural and social gesture of friendship and solidarity with the people of Greece," Bishop Brian Farrell, secretary for promoting Christian unity, told a ceremony at the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

Threat of US ban surges after TikTok lambasted in Congress

A US ban of Chinese-owned TikTok, the country's most popular social media for young people, seems increasingly inevitable a day after the brutal grilling of its CEO by Washington lawmakers from across the political divide.. They currently trail TikTok, which is the most popular social media in the United States.

LatAm food crisis on the table at Ibero-American summit

Addressing a food crisis affecting a fifth of Latin America's population featured high on the agenda of an Ibero-American leaders summit that started in the Dominican Republic on Friday.. "Many issues on the agenda of this Ibero-American summit will be the main ones of the July summit," he told AFP. These include to "strengthen ties and coordination between Europe and the region to address three issues: food security, environmental challenges and how to cooperate to increase access to technology."