Piercings and prayer: Malaysian Hindus celebrate Thaipusam

Ethnic Indian Malaysians massed in Hindu temples across the country Sunday to celebrate the annual Thaipusam festival, months after the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions that had barred large crowds.. While more than half Malaysia's 32 million people are Muslim, the country is home to around two million ethnic Indians.

Housebound Jordanian football fan a social media star

Having spent most of his life housebound due to a medical condition, Jordanian Amer Abu Nawas's love of football has propelled him to social media stardom.. Abu Nawas's own family do their best to provide him with a comfortable life.

Can Beyonce finally take home the top Grammy?

As music's elite gather in Los Angeles for the Grammy awards on Sunday, one question is playing on loop: Will Beyonce finally win the coveted Album of the Year prize?. But industry watchers including Billboard predict this will finally be Beyonce's year to take home the Grammy for Album of the Year, arguably the night's most prestigious prize.

As pandemic fades, Guatemalan motorcyclists resume religious pilgrimage

Thousands of motorcyclists on Saturday roared 140 miles across Guatemala in a rolling procession to venerate a religious crucifix, the Black Christ of Esquipulas.. The Black Christ of Esquipulas has been venerated for more than four centuries by the Catholic faithful, and its home is in the basilica in Esquipulas.

US proposes slashing salt, sugar in school meals

Cut the salt, cut the sugar, but you can keep the chocolate milk.. Younger children would be provided with more access to low-fat and non-fat milk while flavored milk would be allowed for older children "with reasonable limits on added sugars."

Bird flu detected in mammals but risk to humans low: experts

Experts have warned that the recent detection of bird flu in mammals including foxes, otters, minks, seals and even grizzly bears is concerning but emphasised that the virus would have to significantly mutate to spread between humans.. - However two recent larger scale infections have raised concerns that bird flu has the potential to spread between mammals.

Ex-French PM says hair loss condition no barrier to ambition

France's former prime minister Edouard Philippe, a leading contender to succeed President Emmanuel Macron in 2027 elections, has opened up about a hair loss condition he says will not diminish his political ambition.. "I have what is called alopecia," he added, opening up about the auto-immune condition that accelerates hair loss.

Shah Rukh Khan: Indian heartthrob and King of Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan is Bollywood's most popular star and at 57 still its biggest sex symbol, whose silver-screen repertoire of dance, romance and shoot-em-up heroics made him the cinematic avatar of a changing India.. The book "Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh", published in 2021, discusses the intimate desires of modern Indian women through their shared fandom for Khan and the sensitive masculinity he represented.

As dancers leap, ballet members hope hearts flutter for Ukraine

When the United Ukrainian Ballet took the stage this week at Washington's Kennedy Center, the dancers performed works of art and also undertook a diplomatic and cultural mission of sorts.. Since then, he considers his work with the United Ukrainian Ballet to be a "diplomatic mission."

Sushi conveyor belt pranks spark outrage in Japan

A handful of unhygienic pranks at sushi conveyor belt restaurants in Japan have sparked stock slumps, venue overhauls and legal action, along with furious social media commentary.. Two other affected chains, Hama-sushi and Kura Sushi have both also reportedly said they plan to take legal action, with the latter now planning to install cameras above conveyor belts to monitor customers, Jiji press agency reported.