UK teen died after 'negative effects of online content': coroner

A 14-year-old British girl died from an act of self harm while suffering from the "negative effects of online content", a coroner said Friday in a case that shone a spotlight on social media companies.. The teenager "died from an act of self-harm while suffering depression", he said, but added it would not be "safe" to conclude it was suicide.

Indonesia approves first homegrown Covid-19 vaccine

Indonesia has approved its first locally developed Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use, the head of the country's public health agency said Friday, hailing it as a step toward "the nation's independence in access to medicine".. "The development... of a domestic vaccine is a pride for us Indonesians as a foundation and as the first step to achieve the nation's independence in access to medicine," head of the national food and drugs agency (BPOM) Penny Lukito said at a press conference Friday.

Fast and furious no more? Bangkok's infamous No.8 bus

A "Pink Devil" roars down Bangkok's busy streets, furiously overtaking tuk-tuks, cars and motorbikes, narrowly avoiding a collision as it slows to allow passengers to scramble on before veering back into the capital's hectic traffic.. But the hair-raising antics of the "Pink Devils", as Thais call them, mask the tough conditions for overworked drivers incentivised to complete their routes as fast as possible.

Dolphins ace Tagovailoa stretchered off amid concussion fears

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was stretchered off the field during Thursday's clash with the Cincinnati Bengals, sparking new concussion fears just days after he had been evaluated for a head injury.. He was subsequently taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for evaluation for head and neck injuries.

Legal marijuana, but Uruguayans still prefer black market

Uruguay was a pioneer in the legalization of recreational cannabis use, a move that helped to push many drug traffickers out of the domestic market.. "There are many more domestic growers who are simply not registered" but have already overtaken trafficking networks in the sale of cannabis. 

Nike shares tumble as it reports lower profits

Nike reported lower quarterly profits Thursday on increased logistics spending and a hit from product markdowns, as it pivots in a fast-changing consumer market challenged by inflation.. Friend said Nike has continued to see strong consumer demand for choice products, but that it is working to offload a glut of older items that have generated less interest. 

Google shutting down cloud gaming service Stadia

Google on Thursday said it is shutting down Stadia, the cloud video game service it launched three years ago to let people access console-quality play as easily as they do email.. And while Microsoft makes Xbox video game consoles, it has been leading a shift to letting people play titles on internet-linked devices of their choosing with titles hosted in the cloud.

Paris gives ultimatum on e-scooter 'misuse'

Paris has given operators of electric kick scooter fleets one month to come up with measures to limit reckless riding, pell-mell parking and other "misuses" or risk a loss of their licenscs, city hall said Thursday.. That led the city to allow just three operators -- Tier, Lime and Dott -- and limit speeds to 20 km/h (12.5 mph) or even 10 km/h in dense zones, while setting up dedicated parking spots.

Qatar says World Cup fans do not need Covid vaccination

Coronavirus vaccinations will not be mandatory for the million-plus fans going to the World Cup in Qatar this year, the Gulf state said Thursday.. Virtually every team at the World Cup will have players who have refused to have vaccines, officials acknowledged.

Jordanian doctor quits to become bodybuilding champion

Jordanian Mohammad Nsour gave up a career in medicine to pursue his dream of becoming a star bodybuilder.. Nsour said he had developed a passion for sports from a young age and started going to the gym, an increasingly popular activity for young Jordanians, when he was 16.