Mexico tourist deaths add to calls for vacation rental regulation

A vacation to watch the Mexican Grand Prix ended in tragedy for one tourist poisoned by carbon monoxide, fueling calls for regulation of popular accommodation rental websites like Airbnb and Arce is just one of several people killed recently by suspected carbon monoxide leaks in Mexico City -- prompting increased pressure for authorities to urgently regulate online vacation rentals.

Moving the goalposts: NFL scare reveals conspiracist playbook

Conspiracy theorists who blamed NFL player Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest on Covid-19 vaccines have doubled down on their claims despite his speedy recovery, insisting he secretly died in an elaborate cover-up involving deepfake videos and other deceptive means.. Their new narrative insisted Hamlin had died from his Covid-19 shots and a clone, body double or actor had replaced him to conceal "the truth."

From vaccines to AI: New weapons in the fight against cancer

Could humanity finally be gaining the upper hand in our age-old fight against cancer? . - Vaccines - There have long been vaccines available to protect against the human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer, and hepatitis B which can lead to liver cancer.

Pilgrims walk nine days to see Pope Francis in South Sudan

Hanah Zachariah is so determined to see Pope Francis in South Sudan that she walked nine days in sandals to reach the capital where he makes his long-awaited visit.. Francis arrives on Friday for a three-day visit to South Sudan, the first by any pope since the predominantly Christian nation split from Muslim-majority Sudan in 2011.

After 102 children, Ugandan villager says enough is enough

Musa Hasahya Kasera has so many children he can't remember most of their names.. "The challenge is I can only remember the name of my first and the last born but some of the children I can't recall their names," he said as he rummaged through piles of old notebooks looking for details about their births.

Pandemic to paradise: Chinese tourists return to Bali after three years

Donning yellow "Bali" hats featuring a surfer as the last letter, Chinese tourists walked along the Indonesian backpacker hotspot's pristine blue waters, forgetting three years of Covid-19 misery.. - 'Happy occasion' - Though only several hundred Chinese tourists have arrived so far on a once-weekly flight from Shenzhen, the Indonesian government says four more airlines have applied to fly regularly to Bali from China.

After miraculous comeback, damselfly in distress again

When the damselfly reappeared in France in 2009 after a 133-year absence, it was considered a small miracle. . The following year, some water returned to the bogs of the Jura where a dozen or so damselflies had been spotted in 2009. 

Flat owners overlooked by Tate Modern win privacy appeal

Owners of luxury flats in London on Wednesday won a legal battle to force the adjacent Tate Modern gallery to stop visitors peeping into their homes from a public viewing platform.. Five flat owners took their fight to the courts, arguing that this amounted to a nuisance, and seeking an injunction requiring the Tate to prevent visitors from seeing their flats from the viewing platform or award damages.

Hong Kong bans CBD, ranking it alongside heroin and cocaine

A new law criminalising the possession, consumption and selling of cannabidiol (CBD) in Hong Kong came into effect on Wednesday, placing the substance on par with heroin in terms of legal classification.. In Hong Kong, authorities gave businesses and residents three months to discard any potential contraband before the strict penalties came into effect Wednesday.