'Swimming in plastic': Greek fishermen fight pollution

The fish market of Keratsini, west of Athens, is abuzz in the early morning, with trawlers disgorging crates of sardines and anchovies as trucks await nearby to be loaded.. It was originally created to help his father recruit personnel for his trawler.

Taiwan tribe despairs as drought shrinks bamboo crop

Hacking at a bamboo plant with a machete, Avayi Vayayana peels back the shoot's stiff bark as he scans southern Taiwan's mountains, anxious for more of the money-making crop his Indigenous tribe increasingly struggles to find.. Generations of the Tsou tribe have lived off Alishan township's bamboo forests, which Vayayana says were planted by his forefathers and typically harvested in April and May.

Arizona limits building as groundwater dries up

New houses that rely on dwindling groundwater supplies around one of the United States' biggest cities are to be banned, officials said Thursday, in a sign of the strains that drought and climate change are causing across the US west.. The western United States is in the grip of a more-than two- decade drought and a long-term aridification, which scientists say is being exacerbated by human-caused climate change.

Churchill Downs adopts new safety measures after horse deaths

Churchill Downs, home racetrack of the Kentucky Derby, announced new safety measures on Thursday following 12 recent equine deaths, including limiting horses to four starts in eight weeks.. Horses beaten by more than 12 lengths in five consecutive starts will be ineligible to race at Churchill Downs until approved to return by the track's equine medical director.

Boeing's first crewed space launch delayed, again

Boeing has once again delayed the first crewed flight of its Starliner space capsule after discovering new technical issues, officials said Thursday.. After internal deliberations, they decided to abandon the test flight and report the new issues to the US space agency, which has contracted Boeing to provide a taxi service to the ISS. "We've decided to stand down the preparation for the CFT (Crewed Flight Mission) mission in order to correct these problems," Mark Nappi, vice president and program manager of Boeing told reporters on a press call.

Heat wave and wildfires scorch east Canada

Eastern Canada sweltered under a record-breaking heat wave on Thursday that risked inflaming wildfires ravaging the Atlantic coast and other parts of the country with "unprecedented" ferocity and scale.. Major Canadian cities Montreal and Toronto, as well as the capital Ottawa saw temperatures soar above 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit), breaking heat records.

Brazil's Congress passes cuts to Lula environment, Indigenous ministries

Brazil's Senate passed a bill Thursday slashing the powers of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's environment and Indigenous affairs ministries, as the conservative-majority Congress flexed its muscle over the leftist leader's climate agenda.. The showdown over the measure highlighted Lula's difficulties negotiating with Congress, where conservative parties sympathetic to the powerful agribusiness lobby scored big gains in Brazil's October elections, even as the veteran leftist narrowly defeated Bolsonaro in the presidential race.

Firms withheld pesticide toxicity data from EU: study

Several major agrochemical companies did not disclose to European Union authorities studies assessing the toxic effects of pesticide ingredients on brain development, research said on Thursday.. - 'Protecting brains of our children' - A spokesperson for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) said stronger legislation in this area came into force in 2021, which requires companies to share "all safety studies" about their products.

UN climate agency picks Argentina's Saulo as first woman leader

The World Meteorological Organization voted Thursday for Argentina's Celeste Saulo to become its first woman leader and steer the WMO's critical global role in tracking climate change.. The WMO's role in climate change has become increasingly prominent and Saulo, 59, will likely become a well-known advocate on this pressing world issue.

Japan reports warmest spring on record

Japan experienced its warmest spring on record this year, the national weather agency said Thursday, as greenhouse gasses and El Nino send temperatures soaring worldwide.. The United Nations said last month it was near-certain that 2023-2027 would be the warmest five-year period ever recorded.