Environmentalists sue Norway over new oil projects

Two environmental groups said Thursday they were suing the Norwegian state for violating the country's human rights commitments and constitution by planning new oil and gas projects worth nearly $19 billion.. They also claim the state is violating its obligation to take children's best interests into account, which they say is a violation of both Norway's constitution and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Europe's space telescope to target universe's dark mysteries

Europe's Euclid space telescope is scheduled to blast off Saturday on the first-ever mission aiming to shed light on two of the universe's greatest mysteries: dark energy and dark matter.. Beyond dark energy and matter, Euclid's map of the universe is expected to be a "goldmine for the whole field of astronomy," said Yannick Mellier, head of the Euclid consortium.

Gulf oil states on a Pacific charm offensive

Gulf oil states are using their vast wealth to build influence across the far-flung South Pacific, experts have told AFP, tearing a page straight out of China's Belt and Road playbook.. "There are some good things they see in the South Pacific," he told AFP. "We are getting big help from them, as well as from China." 

After long wait, Virgin Galactic begins commercial spaceflights

Virgin Galactic is set Thursday to finally begin commercial spaceflights, a major milestone for the company founded in 2004 by British billionaire Richard Branson.. But the company subsequently faced setbacks, including a brief grounding by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which found the Branson flight deviated from its assigned airspace and Virgin Galactic did not communicate the "mishap" as required.

Turning over a new leaf, Colombian ranchers plant trees

In Colombia's southern Guaviare department, on the doorstep of the Amazon, cattle ranchers are engaged in a practice that belies their jungle-wrecking reputation.. Martinez herself first arrived in Guaviare some 45 years ago, when the landscape was "mountainous jungle."

Astronomers reveal evidence of universe's 'background hum'

Astronomers across the world announced on Thursday that they have found the first evidence of a long-theorised form of gravitational waves that create a "background hum" rumbling throughout the universe.. Joining forces under the banner of the International Pulsar Timing Array consortium, scientists working at gravitational wave detectors on several continents revealed on Thursday they have finally found strong evidence of these background waves.

'Presumed human remains' discovered in Titan sub wreckage

Experts have recovered presumed human remains from what is left of the Titan sub that imploded during a dive to the Titanic wreck, with the death of five people, the US Coast Guard said Wednesday.. "United States medical professionals will conduct a formal analysis of presumed human remains that have been carefully recovered," the agency said.

Living near green space makes you 2.5 years younger: study

City parks and green spaces help counter heat, boost biodiversity, and instill a sense of calm in the urban jungle.  . "We have more and better scientific evidence to increase and promote the use of urban green spaces," added Franco, who was not involved in the study. ia/jh

Canada wildfires again bring more unhealthy air in North America

Smoke from Canada's worst-ever wildfires was severely impacting air quality Wednesday across Ontario and at least 15 US states, with monitors warning that over one hundred million people face potentially unhealthy conditions.. Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland recorded some of the worst air quality in the United States, with residents told to stay inside or limit outdoor activity as smoke blanketed huge swaths of the country just weeks after communities suffered similar disruptions from Canada's hundreds of active forest fires.