Australia falls short in Great Barrier Reef efforts: experts

Despite warnings, Australia's efforts to save the Great Barrier Reef still fall short of protecting the world's largest coral reef system from pollution and climate change, experts said Monday.. The source added: "The path to saving the Great Barrier Reef is narrow, but it exists.

Activists file legal challenge over Finnish climate inaction

Environmental organisations in Finland on Monday filed a legal challenge accusing the government of breaking its own commitments to protect the climate, the first challenge of its kind in the country.. More than 600 activists in neighbouring Sweden, including Greta Thunberg, filed a lawsuit on Friday accusing the state of climate inaction, also a first in the country. ehu/jll/gil

Landslide in Cameroon kills at least 11

A landslide in Cameroon's capital Yaounde killed at least 11 people attending a funeral on Sunday, a local official told state media.. "Some were sitting in a tent where there was a landslide early this evening," Paul Bea, governor of the Centre region that includes Yaounde, told state radio.

Landslide in Cameroon kills at least 11: governor

A landslide in Cameroon's capital Yaounde on Sunday killed at least 11 people gathered to mourn the deaths of several local people, the regional governor told state broadcaster CRTV. Early Sunday evening, police pick-up tracks were taking away bodies covered by white sheets, an AFP correspondent at the scene reported.. "For the moment, we have 11 bodies," the governor, Naseri Paul Bea, told CRTV radio.

One dead, others still missing in landslide on Italian island

One woman died and other people were still missing Saturday after heavy rains caused a landslide on the Italian island of Ischia, a local official said.. The devastation in Ischia came just weeks after 11 people died in heavy rain and flooding in central eastern Italy. ar/imm

Costa Rica crocodiles survive in 'most polluted' river

In one of the most polluted rivers in Central America, a vulnerable crocodile species is thriving despite living in waters that have become a sewer for Costa Rica's capital, experts say.. "The Tarcoles River is the most polluted river in Costa Rica, and one of the most contaminated in Central America.

NASA Orion spacecraft enters lunar orbit: officials

NASA's Orion spacecraft was placed in lunar orbit Friday, officials said, as the much-delayed Moon mission proceeded successfully.. A little over a week after the spacecraft blasted off from Florida bound for the Moon, flight controllers "successfully performed a burn to insert Orion into a distant retrograde orbit," the US space agency said on its web site.

Five key decisions at global wildlife summit

A global wildlife summit that ends Friday passed resolutions to protect hundreds of threatened species, including sharks, reptiles, turtles as well as trees.. 3) Weird and wonderful turtles CITES approved varying levels of protection for around 20 turtle species from America and Asia.

Carrefour still sells beef tied to Brazil deforestation: NGO

French retail giant Carrefour is still selling Brazilian beef products linked to destruction of the Amazon rainforest despite committing to end such sales, the US activist group Mighty Earth said Friday.. Mighty Earth identified 12 products sold that came from the two slaughterhouses in four of the group's shops", including the Atacadao brand, the group said in a statement.

Wolves emboldened by parasite more likely to lead pack: study

Wolves infected with a common parasite are far more likely to become the leader of their pack, according to a new study, suggesting that the brain-dwelling intruder emboldens its host to take more risks.. Infected wolves were also 11 times more likely to leave their pack than wolves without the parasite, the study said, indicating a higher rate of risk-taking.