Titanic sub debris hauled ashore in Canada

Mangled debris recovered from the small submersible that was destroyed when it imploded during a recent dive to the Titanic wreck was offloaded Wednesday in eastern Canada, bringing to an end a difficult search-and-recovery operation.. Pelagic Research, the New York company that owns the Odysseus remote-operated vehicle used in the search for the ill-fated submersible, said its offshore search-and-recovery operation has wrapped up.

Canada wildfires again bring more unhealthy air in North America

Smoke from Canada's wildfires was wreaking havoc on air quality across Ontario and a dozen US states Wednesday, with monitors warning of very unhealthy or emergency conditions facing millions of people, particularly in Detroit and Chicago.. An AQI of 301 or above reflects "emergency conditions" that are likely to affect everyone, according to the EPA. "Air Quality in Chicago is still very unhealthy today.

Every 1C of warming means 15% more extreme rain, researchers say

Global heating incrementally boosts the intensity of extreme rainfall at higher altitudes, putting two billion people living in or downstream from mountains at greater risk of floods and landslides, researchers said Wednesday. . "This is first time that anyone has looked at whether those intense precipitation events fall as rain or snow," lead author Mohammed Ombadi, a researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, told AFP. "Unlike snowfall, rainfall triggers runoff more rapidly, leading to a higher risk of flooding, landslide hazards and soil erosion."

African painted dogs spotted in Uganda after four decades

African painted dogs, a species thought to have become extinct in Uganda four decades ago, have been spotted in the far northeast of the country, the wildlife authority said.. "African painted dogs (commonly known as wild dogs), which went extinct in Uganda in the 1980s, were sighted on Monday morning around the Narus River in Kidepo Valley National Park," the Ugandan Wildlife Authority said in a statement sent to AFP Wednesday.

UK mulls bailout of nation's biggest water supplier: reports

The UK government is considering temporary renationalisation of indebted Thames Water, Britain's biggest supplier of the commodity, media reports said Wednesday, one day after its chief executive resigned.. Responding to reports of a possible renationalisation, a government statement said Thames Water's present situation was "a matter for the company and its shareholders".

Swiss want moratorium on deep-sea mining

Switzerland, a global commodities trading hub, decided Wednesday to push for a moratorium on commercial exploitation of the international seabed area, which has enormous mineral resources.. Switzerland is a stronghold for commodity trading.

Norway angers climate activists with fossil fuel projects

Norway's government gave the green light Wednesday to 19 oil and gas projects worth more than 200 billion kroner ($18.6 billion), a decision that outraged climate activists.. "This is 200 billion kroner invested to reinforce the climate crisis and destroy our joint future," said Halvard Haga Raavand from Greenpeace.

Israel enlists drones, AI and big data to farm for the future

As climate change and global population growth pose ever greater challenges for agriculture, Israeli technology offers a wealth of inventions and advanced tools to help farmers adapt.. One of the biggest challenges facing agriculture, according to Friedman, is a lack of people willing to work in the field.

Got weeds? US environmentalists call in the G.O.A.T.s

The landscaping squad of Mocha, Wynonna, Nelson and Beckham yank out weeds at a Texas park.. They are removing plants such as ligustrum, a highly invasive shrub that can take water and nutrients away from the older oak trees the park seeks to protect, Carr tells AFP.  The 36-year-old and his wife Carolyn own the Texas franchise of Rent-a-Ruminant, which operates in several states.

Foreign firefighters come to the rescue in Canada's wildfires

Hundreds of international firefighters who are helping overwhelmed Canadians battle unprecedented wildfires face a complex task in the heart of the boreal forest scorched by uncontrolled blazes.. With a shortage of firefighters in Canada, even with foreign reinforcements, it is impossible to battle all of the fires at once.