Climate protesters aim to bring London to a halt

Slow-moving climate protesters have become a daily sight on London's streets, undeterred by the honking horns of irate motorists, personal insults and even arrest.. - Non-violence - Before participating, new members of Just Stop Oil have to undergo four hours of non-violence training, learn how to deal with irate motorists and prepare for arrest.

'We only have this planet': Barbados PM urges unified climate finance response

Between brainstorming ways to fix the global financial system and appearing onstage at a Paris pop concert, Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley stopped to record a message about the storm looming near her Caribbean nation.. But on Thursday evening, ahead of her appearance onstage at Global Citizen's "Power Our Planet" concert featuring Billie Eilish, Mottley was celebrating a win.

Beijing issues highest heat alert as north China swelters

China issued its highest-level heat alert for northern parts of the country on Friday as the capital baked in temperatures hovering around 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit).. On Friday morning, 185 red alerts were issued across swathes of northern and eastern China including Beijing, the nearby city of Tianjin and the bordering provinces of Hebei and Shandong.

Tiny Thai school on the climate change front line

Each morning, four children stand barefoot in a line and proudly sing the national anthem as the Thai flag is raised outside their school, perched on a finger of land surrounded by the sea.. But next year one boy will graduate to high school, and only three youngsters will be left to line up and sing the national anthem each morning. pit-lpm/pdw/axn

Climate finance summit wraps up eyeing bigger progress

A global summit seeking to overhaul the international financial system wraps up Friday after taking small steps towards easing the debt burden of developing nations weighed down by climate and economic crises.. The V20 group of countries on the climate front lines -- which now includes 58 member nations -- has said restructuring the global financial system to align with climate targets must be completed by 2030.

Bison reintroduced to Canada's Banff thrive again

Wild bison that once numbered in the tens of millions in North America before being hunted almost to extinction are once again thriving in a pocket of western Canada.. Between 30 and 60 million bison once roamed North America.

Jane Fonda ready to 'kick ass' on climate crisis

She is 85, has a glittering film career behind her, and recently battled cancer, but Jane Fonda doesn't intend to slow down her activism on climate change -- the "greatest crisis ever to confront humanity" -- anytime soon.. For a crisis that is the greatest crisis ever to confront humanity." amz/des

Titan sub: what is a 'catastrophic implosion'?

A "catastrophic implosion," such as that believed to have destroyed the Titan submersible, would have happened with incredible force and speed given the crushing water pressure on the floor of the ocean.. In an implosion caused by a defect in the hull or for some other reason, the submersible would collapse in on itself in milliseconds, crushed by the immense water pressure.

As Arctic warms, caribou and muskoxen slow biodiversity loss

Rapidly warming conditions in the Arctic and the loss of sea ice caused by climate change are driving a steep decline in biodiversity, including among plants, fungi and lichen.. Sadly, tundra community diversity declined across the board over the course of the study, both as a direct result of warming but also changing precipitation patterns associated with melting ice, and the increasing shrub cover in the tundra squeezing out other species.

US county sues oil companies for $51 bn over 'Heat Dome' disaster

A county in the northwestern state of Oregon on Thursday filed a lawsuit against major fossil fuel corporations seeking more than $51 billion over the 2021 "Heat Dome," one of the United States' deadliest ever weather disasters.. With the lawsuit, Multnomah County joins dozens of cities, counties, and states across the US suing fossil fuel interests over climate change impacts as well as campaigns of disinformation spanning decades.