How climate change fuels extreme heat

Heatwaves across Asia and beyond have already broken records this year, while the arrival of the El Nino climate phenomenon will mean even more extreme temperatures.. Here AFP looks at how climate change produces extreme heat, how scientists evaluate heatwaves and the risks to human health: What is extreme heat?

Journey to the bottom of the sea: On a Titanic tour

The journey to the ocean floor to reach the wreck of the Titanic is one that gets relentlessly colder and darker, says one of the handful of people who have ever visited the luxury liner's watery grave.. - 'Terrified' - Zaller said he was nervous on his voyage to the ocean floor, despite the obvious professionalism and attention to detail by those running the trip.

The enduring allure of the Titanic

Since it sank on its maiden voyage more than a century ago, the Titanic has had an unshakeable grip on the public imagination.. - Palace of luxury - RMS Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage in April 1912 from Southampton, England bound for New York.

Greta Thunberg backs climate group shut down by France

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg on Wednesday gave her backing to a climate group shut down by the French government amid accusations it foments violence.. The group also won the swift backing of Thunberg who was in Paris on the sidelines of a summit on green finance.

US approves lab-grown chicken for sale

The United States has granted its first ever approvals to two companies to sell chicken grown directly from animal cells, paving the way for lab-grown meat to be eaten by consumers.. Perhaps not - Lab-grown meat involves first harvesting cells from a living animal or a fertilized egg, to establish a cell bank that can be kept for decades in deep freeze.

US regulator approves lab-grown chicken for sale: spokesperson

The United States has granted its first ever approvals to two companies to sell chicken grown directly from animal cells, paving the way for lab-grown meat to be offered to consumers.. Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of GOOD Meat, added: "We have been the only company selling cultivated meat anywhere in the world since we launched in Singapore in 2020, and now it's approved to sell to consumers in the world's largest economy."

'Nowhere to run': Islands stress climate risk at finance summit

Small island states sinking under rising seas are encouraged by a summit starting Thursday charged with revamping the global financial system to better cope with climate change and other 21st-century challenges, their representative to the talks told AFP. The two-day summit in Paris, hosted by France, "is very good news because it fits well with what we are trying to do", Samoa's Fatumanava Pa'olelei Luteru, chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), told AFP in an interview.. Sea levels sure to rise well into the 22nd century and cyclones made more deadly by global warming have put AOSIS' 39 low-lying island and coastal states on the front lines of climate impacts and UN talks.  

Europe's Euclid space telescope to launch on July 1

The European Space Agency said on Wednesday its space telescope Euclid is scheduled to launch on July 1, blasting off on a mission to shed light on the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy.. Euclid is not expected to identify the true nature of these dark mysteries, but astronomers hope its unprecedented view of the universe will shed light on how they act and evolve over time.

UK man saved in deepest rescue 'frightened' for Titanic sub crew

A British man who spent more than three days trapped in a vessel on the seabed said Wednesday he was "very frightened" for those on board a submersible missing near the wreck of the Titanic.. "It sounds very, very dangerous, I'm very frightened for them," Mallinson, now aged 85, said of the five on board the missing Titanic submersible.

Our galaxy's black hole not as sleepy as thought: astronomers

The supermassive black hole lurking at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy is not as dormant as had been thought, a new study shows.. Most supermassive black holes squatting at the middle of their galaxies go dormant after swallowing up all the nearby matter.