What does the UN high seas treaty mean for protecting the ocean?

The world's first international treaty to protect the high seas, adopted by the United Nations on Monday, contains landmark tools for the conservation and management of international waters.. It also calls for countries to assess the potential impact on international waters of activities within national jurisdictions that may cause "substantial pollution" or harm the high sea marine environment.

Europe is world's fastest warming continent: climate report

Europe should brace for more deadly heatwaves driven by climate change, said a sweeping report on Monday, noting the world's fastest-warming continent was some 2.3 degrees Celsius hotter last year than in pre-industrial times.. Temperatures across the continent rose 1.5C in 30 years, from 1991 to 2021, according to the report, the State of the Climate in Europe 2022.

Paris summit to push for global debt and climate reform

World leaders will gather in Paris this week with ambitions to reimagine global financing for a new era shaped by climate change, as a cascade of crises swamps debt-burdened countries. . Ajay Banga is also expected in Paris, in his first international meeting since taking the helm of the World Bank, promising to embrace change.

UN to finally adopt high seas treaty

The world's first international treaty to protect the high seas is due to be adopted Monday at the United Nations, a historic environmental accord designed to protect remote ecosystems vital to mankind.. The treaty is seen as crucial to countries protecting 30 percent of the world's oceans and lands by 2030, as agreed by world governments in a separate historic accord reached in Montreal in December.

Cyclone leaves 13 dead in Brazil

A cyclone which tore through southern Brazil over the past week has killed at least 13 people and forced thousands from their homes, authorities said Sunday in an update.. Leite said state firefighters had rescued about 2,400 people in the past two days.

Rower ends EU tour to expose waterway pollution

An intrepid traveller completed on Sunday a solo rowing expedition from Warsaw to Paris through the rivers and canals of five countries aiming to draw attention to the pollution of Europe's waterways. . "It will be interesting to... see whether the cities have any consequences on the treatment of pollution," Denis Duclos, the museum's director of European and international relations, had previously said to AFP.  Pollution in Poland's rivers came into the spotlight last year when nearly 250 tonnes of dead fish was recovered in July from the Oder River that runs through Poland and Germany.

Mexico bakes under killer heat wave

Roberto de Jesus, a day laborer, stands beside the cathedral in Mexico City sweating a river as he waits for work, while homemaker Wendy Tijerina tries in vain to keep her food from spoiling.. While waiting for work it even makes you sleepy," said De Jesus. 

Swiss vote on net-zero climate law

The Swiss, feeling the impact of global warming on their rapidly melting glaciers, were voting on Sunday on a new climate bill aimed at steering the country towards carbon neutrality by 2050.. SVP leader Marco Chiesa last month criticised the "utopian" vision behind the bill, maintaining it would drive up energy costs by 400 billion Swiss francs while having basically "no impact" on the global climate.