Protest in Georgia as migration from Russia doubles since draft

Georgia opposition supporters on Wednesday rallied against "uncontrolled" migration from Russia, which has nearly doubled since Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a mobilisation for the war in Ukraine.. "Uncontrolled, unprecedented influx of Russians poses security risks to Georgia," one of the rally organisers, Tamar Gvinianidze, told AFP. "The border must be closed immediately as the Georgian government has proved incapable of handling the migration crisis," she added.

In Brazil election run-up, even samba is political

In Pedra do Sal, the birthplace of samba in Rio de Janeiro, supporters chant "Ole, Ola, Lula" as they sway rhythmically, brandishing flags, T-shirts and caps bearing the likeness of Brazilian presidential candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.. And Veiga de Almeida Guilherme Guaral, an academic who studied the links between politics and samba, says that "today, schools remember that the governments of Lula supported cultural events."

Sudan traditional wind instrument trumpets harvest time

Near the lush fields of his village in Sudan's southern Blue Nile state, Youssef Ismail has crafted a traditional horn-like instrument used for generations to usher in the harvest season.. In the village of East Ganis, like in some other Blue Nile communities, "we use it to celebrate the harvest season", which typically begins in November after the wet season, Ismail explained.

Harsh living conditions aggravate Gaza burn injuries

With bandages wrapped around his head and body, Attia al-Sawafiri was lying in the burns unit of a Gaza hospital, waiting for his first skin graft.. At Gaza City's Shifa hospital, Sawafiri recalled how he tried to clear the drains at home with caustic soda and hot water.

Cyprus drivers fill up in breakaway north as prices soar

The queue of Greek Cypriot motorists waiting to cross a checkpoint into breakaway northern Cyprus is much longer than it used to be -- a plummeting Turkish lira means cheaper petrol prices there.. But for the past several months, congestion at the checkpoints means it is now more common to have to wait half an hour to cross the narrow UN-controlled buffer zone.

Taiwan's pangolins suffer surge in feral dog attacks

In most of its habitats, the heavily trafficked pangolin's biggest threat comes from humans.. - Most trafficked mammal - Pangolins are described by conservationists as the world's most trafficked mammal, with traditional Chinese medicine being the main driver. 

Colombia repatriates 274 priceless artifacts from US

From anthropomorphic figurines to 1,500-year-old Indigenous necklaces, Colombia has recently repatriated 274 ancient objects from the United States.. Colombia's embassy in Washington has been collecting the artifacts from around the United States since 2018 thanks to "seizures" and voluntary "returns by collectors," Alhena Caicedo, director of Colombia's ICANH anthropology and history institute, told AFP. The pottery, stone and seashell objects, made by Indigenous communities between 500 BC and 500 AD, were brought back last week by Colombian President Gustavo Petro as he returned from the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Dior turns heels and corsets into 'ironic power dressing'

Women have spent centuries trying to liberate themselves from heels and corsets, but the latest Dior collection at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday presented them as a sort of "ironic power dressing".. She presented the spring-summer 2023 collection against the backdrop of a grotto in the Jardin des Tuileries on the second day of Paris Fashion Week.