UN chief reiterates plea for support for Haiti

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday called for international support for Haitian police to deal with the country's "unprecedented" wave of violence in recent months.. He said support for the police was needed to "dismantle the gangs that have created this unprecedented violence."

EU wants deal on migrant policy by year-end: Spain

The EU wants an accord by the end of 2023 on how to handle the thousands of migrants heading for the continent, despite fierce opposition by Hungary and Poland, Spain's prime minister said Monday.. The nationalist governments in Hungary and Poland in particular have opposed the redistribution plan, in a dispute that flared last week during a European Union summit meeting.

A 'feminist diplomacy' for France? Not quite yet

France has made "undeniable efforts" to roll out a feminist foreign policy with women holding top ministerial jobs, but is still falling short in defending women's rights around the world, according to a new report.. "France, the country of human rights, can be an example for the world," said Pierre-Brossolette, particularly as Sweden has fallen back from the lead. 

Bye bye 'Barbie': Vietnam bans new movie over South China Sea map

Vietnam has banned the upcoming "Barbie" movie from cinemas over scenes with a map showing China's claims to territory in the South China Sea, state media reported Monday.. And in 2018, Vietnam cut a scene from the romantic comedy "Crazy Rich Asians" that featured a designer bag with a map of the world showing the disputed South China Sea islands under Beijing's control.

Sam Kerr says no plans to wear 'OneLove' armband at World Cup

Australia captain Sam Kerr said on Monday she will not wear a "OneLove" rainbow armband at the women's World Cup this month because it was not worth "putting everything at risk".. "So for me it's not worth the risk of putting the team at risk, of putting the tournament at risk, putting everything at risk.

More than 100,000 take part in Colombia's largest-ever Pride parade

More than 100,000 people were on the streets in Colombia's capital Bogota on Sunday to take part in the largest-ever LGBTQ Pride parade in the country's history, the city's mayor said.. Human rights activist Danilo Huertas, who took part in the Bogota parade, said it was "in memory of all the people who have been victims of conflict" for their sexual orientation, "but also a day to celebrate because... we have made progress." lv/ag/dhw/aha

Zulu king's entourage denies rumours he is ill

Uncertainty reigned on Sunday over the health of South Africa's Zulu king, the head of the country's most influential traditional monarchy, with his spokesman denying reports he had been hospitalised.. However, Zulu's spokesman denied later on Sunday that the sovereign was undergoing any hospital treatment.

Moroccan women shake up world of Gnaoua music

Young Moroccan women are bringing new and inclusive energy to the centuries-old art of Gnaoua, a spiritual musical repertoire traditionally reserved for men. . - 'Feeds the spirit' - "It's exceptional to have women playing Gnaoua music, which shouldn't be reserved for men," said Hamza Tahir, a member of the audience.

Culture wars put American companies on the defensive

Boycotting a beer, attacking products celebrating the LGBTQ community, and criticizing shareholders for promoting diversity: In the face of growing criticism from conservatives, American companies are backtracking on progressive corporate initiatives. . The sharp reactions to some company initiatives have been amplified by political leaders including Florida governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, who targeted Disney over some of its progressive positions.

London Pride marchers defy climate protest

Revellers massed in central London Saturday for the annual Pride festival amid warnings that gay rights are under threat worldwide after decades of progress.. But the mood overall was festive at the Pride parade through central London and across five music stages including in Trafalgar and Leicester squares.