Hrag Kalebjian: Henry's House of Coffee San Francisco | Arthur Yeranosyan G Formula Podcast #1

Henry's House of Coffee's Hrag Kalebjian shares his journey on G Formula Podcast, transforming a family business into a seven-figure empire. Tune in for insights.

Henry’s House of Coffee Shares Entrepreneurial Journey on G Formula Podcast 

San Francisco, CA – Henry’s House of Coffee, a stalwart in the San Francisco coffee scene, proudly announces its feature on the inaugural episode of the G Formula Podcast, now available on YouTube. In a candid conversation, Hrag Kalebjian delves into the remarkable evolution of Henry’s House of Coffee from its inception in 1965 by Antranik Devletian to its current status as a thriving seven-figure business renowned for selling the best coffee both in-store and online, shipping thousands of orders across the USA and internationally.

Hrag’s journey is not just a business success story but a testament to the enduring power of family, tradition, and innovation. Joining his father’s business in 2013, Hrag brought a fresh perspective, integrating modern digital strategies with the company’s rich heritage to scale Henry’s House of Coffee to new heights. The G Formula Podcast episode #1 offers listeners a treasure trove of insights and “free game” on navigating the challenges and opportunities of building a business in the digital age, making it a must-watch for aspiring entrepreneurs and business builders.

During the podcast, Hrag shares the challenges of transitioning from corporate finance to the family coffee business, the strategic shifts towards e-commerce, and the impactful use of social media and digital marketing that propelled Henry’s House of Coffee into the global marketplace. His story highlights the importance of adapting to change while staying true to one’s roots, providing valuable lessons for anyone looking to carve out their success story.

Listeners are invited to tune into the G Formula Podcast with host Arthur Yeranosyan on YouTube to hear Hrag Kalebjian’s inspiring journey and gain insights into the entrepreneurial spirit that drives Henry’s House of Coffee. This episode is a part of the G Formula Podcast’s commitment to shedding light on the pathways to success in various industries, offering invaluable knowledge and motivation for the future generation of entrepreneurs.

For more information about Henry’s House of Coffee and to explore their selection of premium coffees, visit Henry's House of Coffee Website. Follow Henry’s House of Coffee on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates and offerings.


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Watch the full episode on the G Formula Podcast on YouTube for a deep dive into the entrepreneurial wisdom shared by Hrag Kalebjian.

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