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Saudi releases US citizen imprisoned for critical tweets: son

A US citizen sentenced to 19 years in a Saudi prison for social media posts criticising the kingdom's rulers has been released, his son told AFP on Tuesday. . Last October, a court handed Almadi a term of 16 years behind bars, which last month was lengthened to 19 years before his surprise release on Tuesday, Ibrahim said. 

In Egypt's Nile Delta, women's field hockey team upholds ancient mantle

Egypt's fertile Nile Delta may not be the obvious destination for field hockey, but a women's team is blazing a trail in a region that lays claim to the sport's ancient roots.. - Hockey vs family - Thousands of years later, the athletes of the Sharqiya women's team -- which has won 25 out of 28 league tournaments in its history -- dribble across the field to the sound of wooden hockey sticks colliding. 

Iraq fashionistas champion climate-friendly vintage wear

In a palm grove north of Baghdad, bemused Iraqi shepherds looked on as models paraded second-hand garments down an improvised catwalk, seeking to raise awareness of the fashion industry's environmental impact.. Organisers mainly hope the symbolic parade will raise awareness.

Japan PM Kishida to meet Zelensky in surprise Kyiv visit

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a surprise visit to Kyiv on Tuesday to offer "solidarity and unwavering support," Japan's foreign ministry said. . He will express "respect for the courage and perseverance of the Ukrainian people" and offer "the solidarity and unwavering support for Ukraine of Japan and the G7, chaired by Japan," the foreign ministry said.

Mud: The common enemy in eastern Ukraine

Gripping the steering wheel of his truck, Grygoriy expertly made his way along a muddy route to take personnel and ammunition to an artillery position near Ukraine's front line.. On some parts of the route, the muddy black traces left by tyres or tank tracks form a series of parallel lines a dozen metres wide.

Electro-pop master M83: 'We're losing the mystery in music'

Anthony Gonzalez, the man behind M83, the group that helped define electro-pop, fears for a music industry that increasingly wants artists to be influencers. . - 'An escape hatch' - The entertainment industry feels increasingly like a rat race, Gonzalez added. 

Sri Lanka: timeline of a crisis

The International Monetary Fund approved a $2.9 billion bailout deal for Sri Lanka on Monday, raising hopes for an easing of the island nation's dire economic crisis.. - September 1: Bailout deal - The IMF announces a four-year, $2.9 billion bailout package, conditional on a deal between the government and its creditors to restructure its borrowings.

Ukraine conflict to dominate Putin, Xi talks

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping were set to hold a second day of talks on Tuesday, as the internationally isolated Russian leader said he was open to discussing China's proposals on the fighting in Ukraine.  . During the meeting, the Russian leader said he was open for talks on Ukraine and praised Beijing's 12-point position paper on the conflict, which includes a call for dialogue and respect for all countries' territorial sovereignty.

Indian state extends internet ban in hunt for Sikh separatist

Indian authorities extended a mobile internet blackout across a state of about 30 million people on Monday as police hunted a radical Sikh preacher.. Indian authorities frequently shut down mobile internet services, particularly in the restive northern region of Kashmir. str-ash-bb/st/jh/cwl