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Saudi welcomes 1 million for biggest hajj pilgrimage since pandemic

White-robed worshippers from across the world have packed the streets of Mecca as Islam's holiest city prepares to host the biggest hajj pilgrimage since the coronavirus pandemic.. Since the start of the pandemic, Saudi Arabia has registered more than 795,000 coronavirus cases, 9,000 of them fatal, in a population of about 34 million.

Thousands evacuate from 'dangerous' Sydney floods

Rapidly rising rivers swamped swathes of rain-lashed Sydney on Monday, forcing thousands to flee "dangerous" floods as the city's largest dam spilled torrents of water.. The huge concrete dam lies on the western outskirts of Sydney and provides most of the city's drinking water.

'Colossal' work ahead, as Ukraine recovery meet to open in Lugano

Leaders from dozens of countries, international organisations and the private sector gathered in Switzerland Monday to hash out a "Marshall Plan" to rebuild war-ravaged Ukraine.. - 'Marshall Plan' - Questions have been raised about the value in discussing reconstruction when there is no end in sight to the war.

In Cuba: sleeping fully clothed in case of building collapse

"When we go to sleep, it is with the fear of not waking up again," says Elisa Bacyan, resident in one of about 700 apartment buildings deemed unsafe in the Cuban capital, where collapses are frequent.. The six-story building belongs to the Cuban State, like most others on the communist island.

Georgians rally en mass for EU, urge government to quit

Georgians staged a new mass rally on Sunday demanding that the government resign over its failure to formally secure candidacy for membership of the European Union.. The deferral of Georgia's candidacy became a foregone conclusion after the European Commission -- the EU's executive arm -- said on June 20 that Tbilisi must implement a number of reforms by the end of 2022 before it was put on a formal membership path.

Thousands ordered to evacuate from Sydney floods

Australia's emergency services ordered thousands of people in Sydney to evacuate Monday as overflowing rivers swamped swathes of land and the city's largest dam spilled torrents of water.. About 32,000 people were under evacuation orders or warnings in New South Wales, said Ashley Sullivan, senior official for the State Emergency Services.

Protests in US after release of video of police killing Black man

Several hundred protesters marched Sunday in Akron, Ohio after the release of body camera footage that showed police fatally shooting a Black man with several dozen rounds of bullets.. After initially providing few details of the shooting, Akron authorities released two videos Sunday: one that was a compilation of body-camera footage, body-cam still frames and voiceover, and another of the complete body-cam footage of the entire chase and shooting.

France-based British theatre legend Peter Brook dies aged 97: source

The France-based British theatre director Peter Brook, who revolutionised the stage with radical interpretations of the classics before returning drama to its simplest roots, has died aged 97, a source said Sunday.. Brook rose to fame in the UK as a young director who put a radical, and sometimes bloody, spin on classics including the works of Shakespeare, working with actors who would later become themselves legends.