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Philippines' largest prison holds mass burial for 70 inmates

The bodies of 70 inmates from the Philippines' largest prison were laid to rest Friday in a mass burial, weeks after their decomposing remains were discovered in a Manila funeral home.. Among the remaining bodies still at the funeral home, eight would be re-examined by Raquel Fortun, one of the country's two forensic pathologists. 

Street life: Manila's homeless find shelter in pushcarts

Like thousands of homeless people in the Philippine capital Manila, Maricel Abawag and her son used to sleep on flattened cardboard boxes laid out on footpaths.. Every night, Abawag and her now four-year-old son sleep inside their pushcart parked under a tree on the footpath of a busy street. 

China further relaxes Covid rules after protests

Cities across China further unwound Covid restrictions Friday, loosening testing and quarantine rules in the wake of nationwide protests calling for an end to lockdowns and greater political freedoms.. In the wake of the unrest across China, a number of cities have begun loosening Covid restrictions, such as moving away from daily mass testing requirements, a tedious mainstay of life under Beijing's stringent zero-Covid policy.

Concern rises as new Turkish media law squeezes dissent

A new law gives Turkey fresh ammunition to censor the media and silence dissent ahead of elections in which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans to prolong his two decades in office, journalists and activists say.. Bicici says the government already had enough ammunition -- from anti-terror to defamation laws -- to silence the free media.

LGBTQ groups seek legal ban on Swiss conversion therapy

LGBTQ organisations in Switzerland are concerned that without swift action, the country could become a haven for conversion therapy, which is banned in neighbouring France and Germany.. In Germany and France, "attempts at conversion are already banned, and initiatives to ban them throughout the European Union are under way," said Pink Cross, the Swiss national umbrella organisation of gay and bisexual men.

Ukraine war shows Europe 'not strong enough': Finnish PM

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin on Friday offered a "brutally honest" assessment of Europe's capabilities in the wake of Russia's war on Ukraine, stating bluntly that "we're not strong enough" to stand up to Moscow alone.. "I must be very honest, brutally honest with you, Europe isn't strong enough right now.

US, South Korea and Japan impose fresh sanctions on North Korea

The United States, Japan and South Korea have imposed fresh sanctions on North Korean individuals and entities in response to Pyongyang's recent slew of missile tests.. And Japan said that in response to Pyongyang's "provocative acts", it was freezing the assets of three North Korean groups -- Korea Haegumgang Trading Corp, Korea Namgang Trading Corp and Lazarus Group -- and one person, Kim Su Il. The United States has voiced frustration that China, North Korea's closest ally, and Russia have blocked efforts at the UN Security Council to impose tougher sanctions. sct/tjj/cdl-hih/ceb/qan

Japanese cannibal who walked free dies age 73

Issei Sagawa, a Japanese murderer known as the "Kobe Cannibal" who killed and ate a Dutch student but was never jailed, has died aged 73.. In 1981, Sagawa was studying in Paris when he invited Dutch student Renee Hartevelt to his home.

Hair transplant fad turns deadly in India

All that balding Indian television executive Athar Rasheed wanted was to look handsome and get married.. Rasheed was the sole breadwinner for his family and aspired to a better life -- owning a house and getting his two sisters married.